Democrats Politicizing COVID 19 Pandemic Made It Worse

So here we sit post-election, and the sky is falling call has gone out because of an increase in reported cases of COVID. We can’t know what to believe. From the very beginning, this thing has been bungled by the so called “experts.” Once Democrats saw in the pandemic a political opportunity to seize upon for the November election, it was over. They were not going to let this crisis go to waste. Democrats turned the virus into a biological-like political weapon and unleashed it on the American people in a way China could not have done to the US themselves. Joe Biden ran his entire campaign on fear-mongering about the virus. Fear-based public policy was crafted in states, very little of it based in science or medicine. It was pure power politics.

In the early days and months, Democrat Governors made knee-jerk decisions that we have never recovered from. There are rules for crisis management. Rule number one is, don’t make it worse. Rule number two, avoid the temptation of making emotional decisions that have not been tested just to give the impression that you are doing something. Those ill-advised decisions might be irreversible like New York Governor forcing COVID infected people into nursing homes. Mass lockdowns destroyed the economy unnecessarily. Civil liberties were unlawfully curtailed. They went from trying to “bend the curve” for a few weeks to get medical resources re-stocked, to putting people who did not have the disease under house arrest without due process. The cure became worse than the disease as people who needed serious medical examines and treatment had those procedures delayed and died while waiting. Suicide numbers skyrocketed.

A one size fits all approach became the model response. Anthony Fauci began advising policymakers. He was using models that said 2.4 million would die if we did nothing.  He turned out to be an over-credentialed career bureaucrat. A quack. He was considered infallible and therefore nobody in media or the political class questioned anything he said. That never should have happened. His opinions should have been continually poked and prodded. Competing expert opinions should have been aired. First, he said there was no reason for healthy people to wear masks and that the virus was not that serious. He told us to just wash our hands. Then he changed his mind, not because of medicine, science, or data but because of politics. That created confusion. It made me believe that he did not know what he was talking about. He was guessing. Then he took on celebrity status. He became enamored with all the attention and bright lights. After spending 40 years in anonymity at the National Institute of Health, he seemed to be enjoying his newfound celebrity status. You couldn’t turn your TV on without seeing his face or hearing his voice. As time went on, it turned out that this un-elected career bureaucrat did not know what he was talking about but the damage he did remains. He needs to be held accountable but he won’t. He’s a member of the DC political elite.

The truth is that there was never consensus in the medical or scientific community about remedies to control the virus. All of these medical and scientific opinions like herd immunity and prescribing certain prophylactics should have been welcomed and reviewed to help craft reasonable and sensible public policy. Instead, anybody not agreeing with Fauci was immediately labeled a distraction. Fauci himself said it. Opposing viewpoints were called conspiracies and immediately taken down from social media sites by the gatekeepers at Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

Then we have the Center for Disease Control. Their recommendations were also all over the map. Even Dr. Deborah Birks, a White House task force member said: “There is nothing from the CDC I can trust.” The CDC has one mission that being to control the spread of infectious diseases. And they failed miserably. They were aware of this virus when it was initially confined to Wuhan China and they dismissed the seriousness of it. They were spending too much time on things like childhood obesity and racism as diseases in need of a cure. To date, nobody at the CDC has been called out for this catastrophic failure. The reporting process was a complete disaster. No standards were in place on how to document cases, infections, hospitalizations, or deaths. There is evidence that hospitals and post mortem examinations on the cause of death were manipulated for financial gain. Democrats and Big Media capitalized on the inflated numbers to use in criticizing President Trump’s response. This undermined public confidence. The data has been corrupted like everything else Democrats touch. Instead of an all hands on deck unified effort in the best interests for the American people, Democrats forged COVID 19 into a hammer to bludgeon Trump with politically.

It appears so far that politicizing COVID by the Democrats has worked. Now with reported cases apparently on the rise, we’re supposed to trust what we are being told about how serious this is. How can we when we were lied to by Democrat operatives for political gain? They took advantage and exploited us at a time that we were vulnerable. It’s what Democrats do.

At this point now, I don’t know what to believe. I have no faith whatsoever in government right now. I’m sure I am not alone.

Sheriff David Clarke Jr. is former Sheriff of Milwaukee Co, Wisconsin, President of AmericasSheriff LLC, Board member of the Crime Research Center, author of the book Cop Under Fire: Beyond Hashtags of Race Crime and Politics for a Better America. To learn more visit

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