Democrats Shocked As California Hispanics Reject Affirmative Action

Like socialism, affirmative action sounds like a good idea if you’re a starry-eyed liberal who doesn’t spend a lot of time following the natural conclusions of ideas like free college for everyone or insisting that “health care is a human right.”

While most decent Americans would agree that everyone, regardless of the color of their skin, is entitled to the same educational opportunities as anyone else, the thing about affirmative action is it kind of provides the opposite.

A California proposition that would have allowed for so-called “diversity” to be a factor in school admissions and hiring failed on Election Day.

No doubt to the surprise of white, bleeding-heart liberals across the state, Proposition 16 actually failed thanks in part to the several majority-Hispanic counties that voted against it.

Incredibly worthy of note is that the other major minority group in the state, Chinese-Americans, are often the most negatively impacted by affirmative action in major universities. They joined Hispanic voters in rejecting Prop 16, understandably.

While major Hispanic political groups backed the measure, this powerful voting block in California was not as keen to the progressive agenda as the Democrats likely thought.

The Hill reported:

It is noteworthy that despite every major Latino organization promoting Prop 16, every single majority-Hispanic county voted against it. That might be because there has been a significant rise in the number of Hispanics attending the University of California system without the benefit of affirmative action. Records show Latinos accounting for 34 percent of all UC admissions in 2019, up from 14 percent in 1996.

Hispanics constitute some 39 percent of California’s population, and represented more than half of all high school graduates in 2018. Consequently, the group remains underrepresented in the university system, but they have clearly made significant progress.

PJ Media notes that Chinese immigrant Frank Xu played a major role in the campaign opposing Prop 16.

In an op-ed, he did not mince words when he compared such policy to Communist China.

“It is wrong for the government to have the power to favor some of its citizens over some others. I witnessed in China how evil a government could be once it has this kind of power,” he wrote.

It’s like something out of Orwell’s classic book, Animal Farm. In it, the pigs who took over the farm after overthrowing the farmer at first promised equality to the other animals. Later, however, the pigs in charge said declared that animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.

Xu argued that Democratic legislators behind Prop 16 did not seek legitimate diversity but rather radical race-based activism that would have required board quotas for private corporations and would have examined potential reparations for Black Americans.

Those behind the measure were “striving for quotas, as well as for government-mandated racial indoctrination and punitive, race-based payments extracted from taxpayers,” he assessed.

The Golden State is one that is truly and legitimately diverse. Not because of Marxist social engineering, but because the organic diversity that has sprung up in a state that, for a variety of reasons, has attracted various people groups from all around the country and world for over 300 years. Over time, something in the drinking water polluted their minds.

California has many vibrant and varied communities, not all of whom are so keen on the progressive elite’s plans for the state, apparently.

Diversity of thought is the true diversity, and California Democrats just found out the hard way that the minorities they seek to exploit for their own ideological agenda are perfectly capable of thinking for themselves, affirmative action not required.

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