Despite Dumping $200 Million Into BLM, Foot Locker Still Got Looted In Recent Riots

Foot Locker stores are once again finding themselves the victims of angry rioters and looters who are part of the Black Lives Matter movement amid fresh waves of violence in light of the shooting death of Daunte Wright in the city of Minneapolis.

The company likely thought they had purchased themselves some insurance against such assaults on their bottom line by dumping a staggering $200 million into the Black Lives Matter causes throughout 2020, but it seems they were mistaken. Nothing, it seems, is good enough to appease the perpetual victims in BLM.

According to Disrn, the company decided in the wake of the death of George Floyd, who was also killed while in police custody in Minneapolis, to give $200 million for the purpose of “investing in youth-centric Black-owned businesses.”

Youth-centric business is now looting.

Foot Locker stated at the time that it was dedicating itself to “enhancing the lives of our team members and our customers in the Black Community through Economic Development and Education.”

Here is an idea. Teach them not to steal or destroy someone else’s property.

Well, it doesn’t look like their donations have really done a whole lot to change anything. And they sure didn’t stop the radicals in the group from picking their stores clean.

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