Does It Even Matter If There’s A Republican Majority Given the Current State of the Party?

Written with contribution from Sheriff David Clarke

It’s undeniable that the Democrat Party has undergone a dramatic transformation over the last four, hysterical years of President Donald Trump’s first term in office (which, if there was any integrity in our election system, would very likely not be his only).

Far-left, radical dogma has invaded even the last semblances of moderate politics within the party as anyone right of Senator Dianne Feinstein is considered a complete traitor to the progressive agenda.

We have witnessed this, among other things, in the rise of the Sanctuary City trend, localities who promised protections from federal immigration laws in light of Trump’s intended border security crackdown when he was first inaugurated.

This “sanctuary” trend is something which David Horowitz recently noted has been mimicked by Republicans who have floated, to varying degrees of effectiveness, the idea of creating sanctuary cities from legalized abortion or unconstitutional gun laws.

They’ve pulled this off in states like California where the Democrats enjoy a majority so dramatic it makes it almost impossible for their policies to stand successfully opposed.

You’d think that, if it were Republicans who had the upper hand, they’d be able to impose “sanctuary” from unconstitutional laws the same as Democrats do for lawful border security enforcement, right?

Wrong, Horowitz reveals.

And it spells the death of the Republican Party, in fact. They have no identity nor can they tell us what they stand for.

In Oklahoma, state Senate Republicans now hold a 39-9 majority and in the state House, 82-19 following November’s general election.

Horowitz notes that “Those are greater supermajorities than what Democrats hold in California. One would think that this state would be a sanctuary for freedom during coronavirus fascism, for self-defense during the era of BLM and gun confiscation, and all-around fiscal and social conservatism in an era of ubiquitous socialism and cultural Marxism.

“The problem with that assumption, though, is that conservatives don’t really have any majority, much less a supermajority. Liberal Republicans, who, by and large, are the less attractive side of the tyranny coin from the Democrats, are the ones who hold that majority,” he charges.

Oklahoma Sen. Nathan Dahm has been drafting legislation which would make his state a sanctuary from any unconstitutional gun bans a Biden administration may attempt to impose. The mechanism is the same as illegal alien sanctuary cities.

“A lot of how the feds try to implement these things is through local law enforcement, whether it’s county sheriffs, local police departments, and they try to attach funding to that to force those cities and counties to do that,” Dahm told local News 9 of his proposal. “So what we could do is make sure that those cities and counties don’t accept any federal funding to implement any gun control measures.”

Sound reasoning.

So why hasn’t it been successful in a state with such a marked GOP dominance in state legislature?

“The Republicans have killed it in the state Senate each time,” Don Spencer, president of the Oklahoma Second Amendment Association, told Personal Defense World in an interview. “The Republicans are the problem of why you cannot get pro-Second Amendment legislation done in the state of Oklahoma. We have a supermajority in the Senate, a supermajority in the House and we have the Governor’s office, so there is no one else to blame.”

“Across the country, Republicans are disenfranchising conservatives on nearly every issue of our time. If illegal aliens have states where they can go and claim sanctuary, why can’t Americans find a constitutional sanctuary against gun-grabbing and coronavirus fascism in any state?” Horowitz asks.

“What about morals and values? Despite Republicans controlling the trifecta of government in Oklahoma, conservatives have failed for years to pass meaningful legislation protecting life for the unborn. The only successful measures they seem to pass are jailbreak provisions to weaken sentencing and deterrent for criminals,” he adds.

If conservatives actually had a party representing them, he continues, there is no reason why localities shouldn’t be able to establish sanctuary from the federal government on issues that do not pertain to foreign policy or national security such as law enforcement and Second Amendment protections.

He explains that Trump likely won over 80% of the counties in the United States and Republican control state governments in 24 states.

“So why is it that there seems to be no place that is an asylum for civil and religious liberty as well as for law and order? Because we refuse to look beyond the wretched Republican Party for our representation,” he charges.

The reason why Trump supporters refuse to let go of their guy—“obvious” election fraud aside, he notes—is that they “don’t see anyone else in the party fighting for them.”

And this is exactly it. The establishment Republican Party is still too polite, too weak, too, well, establishment.

As all eyes are fixed on the Georgia run-off election and the fate of the Senate, the radical left will continue to impose its will in cities, counties, and states where they have their own supermajorities, as they have with Trump in the White House and the GOP in control of the Senate.

The left has the boldness to pursue their radical, subversive agenda, and the vast majority of conservative politicians simply don’t.

“Why should a slim RINO majority in the Senate matter at all if Republicans already have robust majorities on the state level and refuse to govern in accordance with constitutional values? If 82-19 majorities are not enough for us to acquire our own version of California, it is quite evident that there is nothing worth salvaging in this party,” Horowitz concludes.

He’s absolutely right. President Donald Trump has enjoyed a historic presidency not because of, but in spite of the current state of the Republican Party. It’s time for the right to start taking the same bold steps that the left is willing to take to defend, rather than destroy, our country.

The GOP still does not realize that most Trump supporters are his supporters and not necessarily Republican voters. Many returned to voting after bailing out due to not believing that the GOP really cared about what they thought. Those same many will have no problem returning to the sidelines reasoning that Republican or conservative lite, won’t cut it.

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