Does Sheriff Clarke Have the Answer to The Question Everyone Has Been Asking About Uvalde?

America’s Sheriff, David Clark, joined the Don Smith Show this past week to share his insights into the tragic shooting at an elementary school shooting in Uvalde, Texas. Sheriff Clark immediately began by calling for the fortification of schools, drawing on his work with securing other buildings and even previous visits to Israel. He listed several immediate fixes that could help reduce the chance of future attacks, which you won’t want to miss.

Speaking to the counterargument that such fortification could traumatize kids, he brilliantly replied that the only thing traumatizing kids is like what happened in Uvalde when a monster “started mowing kids down like he was at a video arcade.”

Sheriff Clark then provided a fascinating analysis of the history of technical and political responses to events from Columbine, Sandy Hook, and Parkland, noting how fixes were made but that the human factor has always made permanent fixes difficult.

Finally, Sheriff Clark addressed the main concern on everyone’s minds: Why did it take the Uvalde police over an hour to respond to an active crisis in which kids were being senselessly gunned down? Clark’s answer might surprise you, if only because his rational response has rarely been mentioned in the corporate media’s hysterical coverage.

Calling out the left for their hypocritical positions on offering safe schools while offering a commonsense approach to minimizing future school attacks, you will not want to miss Sheriff David Clark, Jr.’s appearance on the Don Smith Show. See it here!

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