DOJ Finally Admits There’s Not Much Evidence To Support Sedition Charges For Capitol Siege

Many of the trials for individuals involved in the Capitol riot of January 6th have started and much to the chagrin of liberals everywhere, the charges these folks are facing aren’t quite as serious as we were all led to believe they would be. In fact, the Justice Department has now said that the body of evidence in these cases is not as damaging as it was previously thought to be.

According to The Postmillennialist, new reports have emerged that state that none of the 400 people who have been arrested for their involvement in the siege have been charged with sedition. The most serious charge that has been brought against a defendant in this incident has been assault. Two of the men were involved in the attack on Capitol Hill Police Officer Brian Sicknick.

“Others have been charged with conspiracy, and obstruction. While five people lost their lives during the riot, only one was killed with a weapon, and that was Ashli Babbit, who died after being shot by an unnamed Capitol Police Officer. Sicknick was assaulted with bear spray, but died some time later and a cause of death has not been released. The other three suffered medical emergencies,” The PM reported.

“Much of the work of prosecutors has been in an attempt to prove that conspiracy. Less than 25 people are facing that charge, and ten people are said to have ties to the Oath Keeper militia movement,” the report continued.

Arizona prosecutors who had detained Jacob Chansley, you know, the guy who wore the “horns,” had originally stated that they had a lot of strong evidence that included his “own words and actions” that they said indicated that the “intent of Capitol rioters was to capture and assassinate elected officials.” No proof of this was ever submitted.

“Another man, Ethan Nordean, was accused of sending ‘encrypted communications’ to the Proud Boys, but this, too, was dropped when it turned out that his phone battery died and he was unable to use it. The judge in Nordean’s case said there was a ‘dearth of evidence’ and declined to jail him. Prosecutors are trying again, however,” the PM report said.

“Michael Ferrara, an attorney with Kaplan Hecker & Fink, LLP, who was formerly a federal prosecutor, said that if it becomes clear that prosecutors overreached, engaged in hyperbole, of simply misunderstood social media and text messages, it would be no ‘small error,'” the report went on to say.

Ferrara also stated that the zeal of the prosecutors could “color the way the judge sees the case going forward,” which could have a huge impact on the outcome for defendants.

Where was all this aggressive prosecution for the thousands whose rioting caused numerous deaths including that of police officers and billions in property damage that ravaged US cities for the last four years?


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