Donald Trump Comes Prepared, Finally Announces His Run in 2024 and Lays Out His Entire Plan

President Trump set the political world on fire and crushed lib dreams everywhere at Mar-a-Lago Tuesday night by announcing his candidacy for 2024, and in his conversational, off the cuff style addressed everything from the border to the economy, to potentially giving the death sentence to convicted drug dealers.

Without a teleprompter, and in his signature conversational style, President Trump pounded all of the failures of Joe Bidem, while reminding America of the Trump Administration’s successes. Trump promised to unify the country by stating,

“This won’t be my campaign, this will be our campaign”

Trump promised to end dependance on China, roll back the Green New Deal, and outlaw men in women’s sports and CRT in the schools. However one of the most satisfying moments was when Trump “fired” Nancy Pelosi.

“Nancy has been fired”

President Trump, while he has a tendency to be bombastic, really only has to tout his successes and lay out his plan to fix what Joe Biden has destroyed to fire up his base. Trump also went to great lengths with his plan to get the wokeness out of the military, and rebuild our defenses, particularly in terms of nuclear capabilities. Trump was also very careful to point out Joe Biden has the world on the brink of nuclear disaster.

Among other topics the President hammered was border security and stopping the flow of illegal drugs into America. He also proposed term limits for members of Congress, and a permanent ban on taxpayer funding of campaigns. Trump also proposed a ban on members of Congress being able to trade stocks and revealed a plan to bring back trust in election. Only paper ballots, mandatory ID, and same day voting. In light of Arizona a week ago, this should be a no brainer.

The President laid out his plan to revive our energy sector by rolling back unnecessary regulations and stimulating production in America to bring down inflation. On the subject of inflation, President Trump vowed to get it back to the idea level of one percent.

President Trump also introduced Eric Trump and Melania while lamenting the amount of “abuse” he has taken legally as the mainstream media has attempted time and again unsuccessfully to find malfeasance in the family.

It is a breath of fresh air to see a former president speak without a teleprompter the size of a drive-in movie theater screen and not lose his train of thought. Trump speaks easily, with charisma, and is able to drive his point home without looking senile.

“We will again restore the spirit of our nation”. 

Trump also pledged to end the scourge of homelessness that has plagued Dem run cities. Trump called for ‘all Patriots on board”, and the crowd was all in. It’s good to have Trump back! “Make America Great Again”!

This story syndicated with permission from Trending Politics News.

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