Donald Trump Jr. Pokes Fun at Biden’s Bike Tumble on Twitter and We Are Loving It!

As everyone not living under a rock now knows, Biden fell off his bike when trying to ride it around Rehoboth Beach on Saturday, supposedly getting “tripped up” by the accessory he had installed on the bike’s pedals to help him go faster.

Why Slow Joe possibly needed toe cages and thought that he’d be zooming along considering he barely seems able to stumble around the White House is unclear, but they’re what he had on his bike and he fell over as a result.

As could be expected, the very online right started mocking him near instantaneously, with some incredibly funny tweets and memes floating around in the wake of what some unclever people are sure to start calling “bikegate”.

Donald Trump Jr. perhaps led the pack with a drily humorous tweet about Biden and his need for training wheels, saying:

I’m just shocked they let him ride a bike without training wheels.

Some of the other great comments included:

“What a strong inspirational leader we have, the whole world is laughing.”

“So, just recapping here, slipped on a dog, tripped three times up stairs and fell off a bike. Holds the codes”

And there was this great meme:

And this hilarious video:

Back to tweets, one person joked “Also, let’s remember the time they shared videos of Biden riding a bike as proof of his mental abilities. So…yeah.

Dinesh D’Souza, for his part, commented “Who cares if Biden fell off his bike? I’m more worried about this demented lunatic driving America off a cliff!

Another joked “What I’d give for a Trump tweet about the Biden bike wipeout right now

Trump didn’t tweet about it, obviously, but he did share a funny video on Truth Social that shows him hitting a drive while playing golf, with the video then cutting to Biden falling off his bike. Watch that here.

Still another person pointed out that it’s not only that Biden fell off his bike but that it happened when he was standing still, which is even worse, saying “Biden didn’t fall off his bike like a normal person.. he had stopped and was trying to stand when he tipped over… it’s way worse.

I suppose Biden will say Putin pushed him off, or something. Maybe he’ll have Mayor Pete strike back against the road that tripped him up by declaring it “racist”.

The real question about the event, however, wasn’t satisfactorily answered: what flavor of ice cream did Biden have to make his boo boo feel better? My bet is on chocolate ice cream so as to avoid white supremacy allegations, but anything is possible.

With Putin and Xi not falling off their bikes, one can’t help but fret for America, no matter how confidently the White House assures us that Biden is completely fine.

This story syndicated with permission from Gen Z Conservative

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