EBay Sales of Discontinued Dr. Seuss Books Banned, Nazi Manifestos, Pro-Slavery Books Remain

What a lot of today’s clueless and hysterical progressives seem to fail to understand about free speech is that it is actually of the utmost intellectual advantage for all citizens in a free republic to know where those of a different ideological bend stand.

The more certain speech becomes verboten, the more we lose track of what is actually, genuinely racist and what is simply shunned and misunderstood by virtue-signaling leftists who have no other religion than to puff themselves up on wokeness and enjoy the sense of racial superiority they feel over the more ignorant Neanderthals among us who still practice things like critical thinking and chilling the heck out.

Dr. Seuss has become the latest victim of the ideological inquisition that is cancel culture which, unsurprisingly, resulted in a flurry of purchases of books that the entity managing the children’s book author’s legacy announced would no longer be published due to some now-verboten imagery of stereotypical POC among the catchy, phonetically instructive rhymes.

EBay, however, is not having it.

While they will still allow the sale of Nazi manifestos and pro-slavery books, Dr. Seuss is simply too much.

Just the News reported:

Ebay this week is working to purge from its servers the listing of six disputed Dr. Seuss books, even as it continues to allow the listing and sale of works such as Hitler’s antisemitic Nazi manifesto “Mein Kampf.”

Dr. Seuss Enterprises announced this week that it would cease production of half a dozen Seuss books it claimed contain “hurtful” and “wrong” portrayals, including pictures of Asian men and at least one use of the word “Eskimo.”

Ebay shortly thereafter announced that it would be scrubbing listings of those books from its online marketplace. Copies of the discontinued children’s stories were being listed and sold for significantly inflated prices following the books’ cancellations.

The Internet bidding behemoth said this week that it is “currently sweeping [its] marketplace to remove these items,” with a spokeswoman reportedly admitting that the total purge of the titles will “take some time.”

Yet, even as eBay works hard to remove those books from its servers, multiple books with far more controversial content remain readily available for purchase on the site.

Among those are Adolf Hitler’s infamous “Mein Kampf,” a vitriolic autobiography written by the genocidal dictator several years before his rise to power. In that work, Hitler laid out his grievances against what he said was a global Jewish conspiracy and called for “international poisoners” to be “exterminated,” a foreshadowing of Hitler’s eventual attempt to exterminate the Jewish people in Europe.

Also readily available on the site is the book “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” an antisemitic conspiracy theory book that purported to reveal a Jewish plot for world domination. That book was cited favorably by Hitler in “Mein Kampf” and has been promoted by notable anti-semites such as Henry Ford.

Likewise available for purchase are copies of “The Planter’s Northern Bride,” a U.S. pro-slavery novel written in 1854, as well as “Race Crossing in Jamaica,” a book of racist pseudoscience by the eugenicist doctor Charles Davenport.

I don’t think anyone would have thought that EBay endorsed everything they allowed to be sold on their platform, nor should they be expected to.

But by banning Dr. Seuss and allowing the sale of legitimate white supremacist ideology literature, are they saying they’re actually more offended by politically incorrect caricatures than they are of the legitimate white supremacist ideology?!

We’re not just entering the Twilight Zone here, people.

We have set up camp in it.

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