Eight People Arrested After Climate Change Protest Held Outside His Texas Home

Eight individuals were put behind bars on Monday after they were arrested for trespassing during a climate change protest held outside the Texas home of Ted Cruz earlier this week.

via Washington Examiner:

At around 11 a.m., a group of roughly 60-70 people arrived at the sidewalk near the Republican’s residence. Some made their way into Cruz’s private property despite “multiple warnings” and an “ample amount of opportunities” to leave the area, Assistant Chief Ban Tien of the Houston Police Department said. Officers reportedly spent “over an hour trying to negotiate” with the small group that disobeyed orders; however, the incident resulted in them behind bars.

“The large majority of the group [were] extremely peaceful [and] out there expressing their First Amendment rights [to] protest against climate change,” Tien went on to say. “Unfortunately, there was a small group who [were] actually committing trespassing into private property in front of the senator’s residence.”

Erin Douglas, a reporter for the Texas Tribune, photographed the scene and said the demonstrators were there to demand President Joe Biden to halt negotiations with GOP leaders and pass New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez‘s civilian climate corps plan, which aims to employ millions to battle wildfires and address other aspects of global warming.

The protest outside Cruz’s home was reportedly the last leg of a 40-day climate march that began in New Orleans, Douglas said.

Apparently, leftists have come to think this kind of behavior is totally acceptable. This comes from city leadership who has decided to not stop violent Black Lives Matter and Antifa demonstrations, which has created an entitlement mindset that only makes the problem worse.

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