Far-Left Attacking Ordered Liberty – Handing Out Free Crack Pipes

Central to the idea of the American spirit is “ordered liberty”. Inherent in that idea is the belief that Americans have the right to do what they want, but only within the bounds of what’s acceptable and congruent with a functioning society. In other words, you have the right to do what you ought, not whatever would satiate your basest desires.

The problem is that we’ve forgotten the concept of ordered liberty, and replaced it with the vague, much less restriction notion of “freedom”. Freedom is generally taken to mean the ability to do whatever you want, hence why “lolbertarians” yell “muh freedom” when the government taxes sugary soda or cigarettes. Such taxes, and perhaps even bans, are congruent with ordered liberty, but not with our cartoonish version of freedom.

You ought not smoke three packs a day and slurp down a Big Gulp with every meal, but in a “free” society you can.

It gets worse; thanks to the left, ordered liberty has been completely eradicated and replaced with a celebration, or at least toleration, of base desires, namely perverted sexual acts and drug use. Hence why they’re celebrating Biden’s new energy administrator, who enjoys some…distasteful, deviant sexual acts, and why they wanted to hand out crack pipes to addicts.

Such moves, particularly the advancement of addiction through handing out crack pipes, is a war on ordered liberty.

In the past, we understood that liberty doesn’t include drug use or deviancy. You have no right to morphine or meth just as you have no right to watch child porn; those things are wrong. And beyond being morally wrong, those things and what they represent are antithetical to individual liberty and flourishing because they enslave you to your base desires.

Was Hunter Biden “free” when he was addicted to crack, scrounging his carpet and picking pits of parmesan cheese out of it to smoke in the hope that perhaps some of it was crack? No! He was obviously enslaved to the desire to get high, to smoke crack. Much the same can be said of the “men” that spend hours each day watching increasingly base and perverted pornography; they’re not free, they’re slaves to their sexual desire.

Yet the left frames those issues as setting you free. They want to legalize drugs, give safe smoking kits or clean needles to addicts, and reduce or remove the stigma surrounding sexual acts and desires that our ancestors would be horrified by. They frame those removals of stigma, whether about drugs, sex, or anything else as “freedom”.

Don’t be fooled. They want to make you a slave to your desires so that they can increase their power and advance their agenda. If you’re addicted to crack or dressing up like a puppy to have sex, chances are you’re not going to be overly concerned with the new administration’s fiscal policy. You’ll just care about scratching the itch of desire, the one your “freedom” has enslaved you to.

It’s time to remember that liberty carries with it responsibility. Only those who do what they ought are truly free. Those who do what they want are slaves to their base passions and desires.

This story syndicated with permission from The Liberty Leader

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