Far-Left Reporter Charged in Firebombing of Police Vehicles During Little Rock BLM Riots

A far-left reporter with some predictably radical beliefs has been charged in connection with the firebombing of a police vehicle during Black Lives Matter “protests” over the summer in Little Rock, Arkansas.

22-year-old Renea Goddard, who has worked as a reporter for public media in the state, was arrested along with 31-year-old Brittany Dawn Jeffrey, 27-year-old Emily Nowlin, and 24-year-old Aline Espinosa-Villegras for the role she played in throwing a Molotov cocktail at a Little Rock Police Department cruiser on August 24th.

The Department of Justice published a press release on December 17th, BizPac Review reported, that included the names of the individuals involved and revealed Goddard’s rather predictable day job.

According to the young woman’s LinkedIn profile, Goddard, who has been a “reporter” for local public radio station KUAR since 2018, is a “gay rights” and “trans rights” activist who graduated from the University of Arkansas last year and belongs to several far-left organizations, most of which she describes as “intersectional.”

“Intersectionality is a bigoted left-wing ideology that attempts to classify people into a hierarchy based on their race, their religion, their gender, their sexuality, etc,” BPR explains.

“According to its twisted ideology, white people are at the bottom of the hierarchy because they allegedly were always the ‘oppressors’ in history. As such, their viewpoints and demands don’t matter,” they add.

It’s actually worthy of note at this point in time that, as a prominent gay and trans rights activist, it is unclear if Goddard is, in fact, a biological female since these days even pronoun usage in right-wing reporting doesn’t verify a person’s biology anymore.

Goddard’s Twitter profile states she has also written for Truthout, Arkansas Public Media, and Thought Catalog.

One piece she wrote for the politically-charged LGBT Truthout last year repeats the tired lie that President Donald Trump called neo-Nazis “very nice people,” which isn’t even the direct quote that most “journalists” use to mischaracterize his now infamous words following clashes in Charlottesville between white supremacists and far-left protesters in 2017.

She also suggested that white people who oppose anti-white racism and hate are no different than neo-Nazis. This is all part of intersectional politics—there is no single moral standard for truth and decency but a complex caste system of self-righteousness and hate distributed based on the subjective criteria of who is more oppressed than whom.

“The man with the swastika tattoo on his neck certainly seemed threatening at the rally. So did the neo-Nazi openly carrying an assault rifle in front of the crowd, and the man who jeeringly called counterprotesters ‘degenerates’ and ‘communists,’” she wrote for Truthout about the then-recent Charlottesville rally.

“But what about the Republicans in your class who may have once said something like, ‘Why is it okay to be racist to white people, but it’s not okay when it’s the other way around?’ They almost seem more threatening when you think of so many other seemingly average, otherwise harmless people like them going home and turning on the TV and seeing their repressed, reactionary feelings being legitimized on a trusted, mainstream media outlet like KATV.”

Wow. OK, so she actually said that Republicans who think racism is wrong no matter who it’s aimed at are actually worse than open neo-Nazis if I’m reading her less-than-sound reasoning correctly.

Independent journalist Andy Ngo who focuses on far-left activists like Goddard and her cohorts also discovered that this far-left reporter appears to be making ends meet by performing as a part-time porn star on the website OnlyFans (when she’s not manufacturing homemade incendiary devices to hurl at police vehicles, of course—this girl is busy!)

She reportedly identifies as “Slutty Asian Teen,” despite being 22 and adhering to an ideology that you’d think would abhor such objectification of gender and ethnicity.

How many other low-level public media reporters (or private, for that matter) have similar private lives, one wonders?

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