“F*ck Ur Thxgiving” Portland Rioters Mark Thanksgiving With Vandalism and Revisionist History

Written with contribution from Sheriff David Clarke

While this year’s Thanksgiving Day holiday was marked by many of our nation’s leaders with unprecedented degrees of COVID-tyranny, not to be outdone, Portland Antifa was faithful to their commitment to vandalism, violence, and revisionist history.

Because obviously private business owners in the Pacific Northwest are responsible for atrocities committed against Native Americans centuries ago (and centuries after the first Thanksgiving), Rose City rioters took to storefronts and grocery stores to vent their poorly-educated rage.

BizPac Review reports that at least 10 businesses, including stores, banks, an auto service center, and a mailing store were defaced and damaged on Thanksgiving Day evening, according to Portland Police Bureau (PPB).

The businesses were scrawled with messages like “Fuck Ur Thxgiving,” “Land Back,” and “You Don’t give aF about Black PPL” in addition to “thousands of dollars of damage” inflicted on entirely innocent Portland business owners for no good reason other than the stupidity of critical theory.

The first Thanksgiving, of course, was a meal that was held between the Pilgrims who had sailed over from England the prior year in the iconic Mayflower voyage. Far from issuing smallpox blankets or laying the first bricks on the Trail of Tears, the Puritan Christians, who were escaping prosecution in England, had just enjoyed their first successful crop after a harsh winter in which many of their party had died.

The assistance of the Wampanoag Native Americans had been critical to the survival of these early colonists, and so they held a feast to thank the Lord for provision and blessings, in conditions so challenging that none of these snot-nosed “protesters” could even dream of surviving.

These people don’t know or care about anything based in reality. They don’t know our history, understand our rights, or employ basic logic.

They’re spoiled little brats who rage against anyone whose beliefs even slightly differs from their own, not unlike the oppressive monarchs the early American settlers sought freedom from.

This is why the future of our republic depends on pushing back against their false, fallacious narratives.

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