Fetterman Goes Head to Head With Dr. Oz in Debate, Gets Annihilated

The senate races are entering the home stretch, and so much is at stake. Would it be hyperbole to say the future of our country hangs in the balance? I think not, as Joe Biden’s America has not exactly been living its best life. So, what is the solution? Change! Change must come from the top down and the policies and direction of our government must be changed to better protect and benefit the American people.

Perhaps the biggest, and most polarizing race outside of Georgia is in the “Keystone” state of Pennsylvania. Dr. Mahmet Oz is facing off against trust fund baby and stroke victim John Fetterman. After watching tonight’s sad display of a debate one can only surmise that Fetterman had a LOT of Keystone (beer) to warm up for the debate. While that is indeed a lame attempt at a joke, what isn’t funny in the big picture is Fetterman’s performance on the debate stage.

To say Fetterman was overmatched might be an understatement. It was a sad display, to say the least. Fetterman’s obvious mental challenges as a result of a May stroke were on full display. Why? Why do the Democrats insist on running a compromised candidate out as a lawmaker? I understand that the talent pool is shallow from the lib side, but to subject Fetterman to this level of abuse is inhumane.

So, where do we start? Perhaps at the beginning when the Democrat candidate said hello and goodbye in the same sentence. Check this out.

I wanted to laugh, but the decent human in me (I’m a Republican) wouldn’t let me. Time and again through the course of the “debate”, the moderators asked questions and Fetterman would stutter, stammer, say “you know” and generally not answer. This isn’t even GOP bias as Mahmet Oz was not a rockstar by any measure, but he outpaced Fetterman on literally every topic.

From the economy, to crime, to abortion Oz schooled Fetterman. However, the most embarrassing, cringeworthy moment came when discussing energy, specifically fracking. While the moderator misspoke, the question was directed toward John Fetterman, and he went full tilt deer-in-the-headlights.  Check this out and tell me Fetterman doesn’t power down and reboot before our eyes.

What the Dems are doing here is unconscionable. Say what you will about Mahmet Oz (Fetterman tried to), but he is ultimately more qualified, more articulate, and has the mental faculties to lead Pennsylvania forward, while Fetterman barely has the ability to form a coherent sentence.

At one point it seemed as if Fetterman was LITERALLY channeling the 90’s one-hit wonder Chumbawamba. He does in fact get knocked down, but has he really gotten up again, or is Fetterman a one-hit wonder?

It is truly sad. As is the case with Joe Biden, the Dems are using a clearly compromised individual as the face of their party. Is it because that’s the best they have? Are they sadistic? Do they think the American people don’t notice? The American people are taking note. If they watched the sad display that unfolded in Pennsylvania tonight, they know that Mahmet Oz is the best candidate for Pennsylvania, and the GOP is the best party to fix our country.

This story syndicated with permission from Robm, Trending Politics News.

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