Flashback: Things Weren’t Looking Good for Cuomo Before He Got #MeToo’d, Either

Written with contribution from Sheriff David Clarke

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has found himself in the middle of #MeToo sexual harassment allegations and things are not looking good as his own party turns against him.

Interestingly, suddenly we’re all talking about that, and not the fact that he also stands accused of contributing to the deaths of tens of thousands of elderly New Yorkers.

Cuomo became the poster boy for the COVID-19 pandemic response in America. While he was busy giving detailed daily briefings which were essentially just opportunities for him to toot his own horn, thousands of elderly New York nursing home residents were contracting and dying from the virus.

What Cuomo failed to report in his daily monologues, for which he won an Emmy, is that he had been sending COVID positive patients into nursing homes where the virus then spread like wild-fire.

He also failed to report that his regime wasn’t counting people who died in a hospital after contracting the virus from a nursing home.

Now there’s the sexual harassment mess.

Cuomo’s house of cards, however, was tumbling down before any stories about any of that broke, however, and the federal government is also set to get involved.

The left and their media lap-dogs spent the better part of 2020 celebrating Cuomo and his handling of the virus, which was actually quite abysmal, and now they’re being forced to face the truth.

He felt an arrogance of invincibility since he was a Democrat.

The crooked mainstream media, however, would rather express outrage over Sen. Ted Cruz taking his family to Cancun during the recent weather and energy crisis in Texas instead of single-handedly fixing the situation himself.

And now they’d rather pay attention to the accusations made against him by indignant ex-staffers than the fact that he is being blamed for mass death amid the pandemic.

Business Insider reported last month that even Democrats in New York were turning against Cuomo and working to strip him of the emergency powers he was granted last year. The state legislature is even making moves to impeach Cuomo while the FBI and US Attorney’s office is investigating his handling over the nursing home situation.

His administration is being accused of purposely and knowingly withholding data on COVID-19 deaths among nursing home patients to avoid federal scrutiny and review.

A spokesman for Cuomo’s office, Richard Azzopardi, said that the Governor and his administration were cooperating with the DOJ, but that’s likely only because now Cuomo has his back against the wall.

Democratic Assemblyman Ron Kim has also alleged that Cuomo called him personally and attempted to threaten him into assisting with the cover-up to save Cuomo’s hide. Kim says that Cuomo threatened to “destroy” him if he didn’t help “cover” for his administration.

Naturally, Cuomo, a raging anti-Trump Democrat, tried to blame all his problems on President Trump who, he alleged in a conference call with reporters, started a conspiracy theory against him with the help of Fox News and the New York Post.

According to NBC News, Cuomo and his administration had only reported on around 8,500 deaths among long-term care patients in the state but the real number of deaths was upwards of 15,000.

That’s no small “mistake.”

Cuomo aide Melissa DeRosa revealed last month that the state “held off” on releasing the full death count last fall because they feared President Trump’s Justice Department would use the information against Cuomo.

As if that justifies the cover-up.

Further, in a news conference last month, Cuomo said, “In retrospect, should we have given more priority to fulfilling information requests? In my opinion, yes. And that’s what created the void. I just want to make sure people know these are the facts: Everything that could have been done was done.”

If it were true that everything that “could have been done was done” then Cuomo never would have released a single COVID positive patient into a single nursing home. That is far from what actually happened and then he lied and hid data to save his own tail.

The same deadly practice of sending sick COVID patients into nursing homes occurred in Pennsylvania and New Jersey too. Prosecutors have issued subpoenas as part of their investigation into the situation in New York but it sounds like prosecutors also need to investigate what happened in these other states as well.

Cuomo should be held accountable and so should Governors Tom Wolf (D-PA) and Phil Murphy (D-NJ).

But keep in mind, in the end, these are Democrats supporting U.S. DOJ officials investigating Democrats. Just like the FBI investigating Hillary Clinton.

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