Football Coach Who Objected to Critical Race Theory In Daughter’s Class Fired, Sues

We need more men like this man out there to stand up to the radical, godless ideology of critical race theory that is encroaching our schools and seriously dividing our nation.

A man who says he was fired after objecting to the critical race theory being pushed in his daughter’s 7th grade history class is now suing the school, and he’s being represented by the heavy-hitter conservative legal watchdog organization Judicial Watch.

The Epoch Times reports that David Flynn has filed a First Amendment lawsuit against Dedham High School and Dedham Public Schools in Dedham, Massachusetts after he says he was dismissed from his position as head football coach, which he had held since 2011.

Judicial Watch’s suit says that Flynn and his wife had emailed a list of their concerns about the world geography and ancient history class their daughter was enrolled in to the Dedham School Committee.

They objected to, among other things, “a history teacher using an avatar of herself wearing a Black Lives Matter T-shirt for her online classroom, and class assignments instructing students to identify police officers as a ‘risk’ to black people and black males as a ‘risk’ to white people. The couple eventually removed their two children from the school district and sent them to a nearby Catholic school in October,” as Epoch Times explains.

“The instruction their daughter was receiving in ‘World Geography and Ancient History I’ was unrelated to the ancient history and world geography subjects described on the Dedham Public Schools website,” the lawsuit claims. “Instead, the instruction concerned issues of race, gender, stereotypes, prejudices, discrimination, and politics.”

Well as it happens, when Flynn was fired, the committee told him flat-out and explained in a statement after the fact that his contract would not be renewed because he “expressed significant philosophical differences with the direction, goals, and values of the school district.”

“As a district, we actively try to encourage our staff and students to give constructive voice to their opinions, but must also ensure we stay true to our overarching mission and vision for the district,” the statement claimed.

In other words, they’re openly admitting he was fired because he objected to radical critical race theory.

I’d say he has a very good case, wouldn’t you?

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