Former MLB Player And Coach Cries When Discussing His Appreciation For America And His Citizenship

A former Major League Baseball player, Ozzie Guillen, recently got all teared up during the Fourth of July while discussing his U.S. citizenship and what it means to him.

“It’s special,” Guillen stated during an interview held on Pre Game Live with host Chuck Garfien, adding, “People, they don’t know how hard that is. How many people die … How many people want to be American. It’s [an] honor for me.”

via Washington Examiner:

As the retired star was speaking, a video of him becoming a citizen in 2006 played in the background. Garfien pointed out how emotional his guest had become from watching the video.

“Why are you so emotional and tearing up about this?” Garfien asked.

“Opportunities, man. Opportunity opened the door for me and have been great. I’ve been living in this country for a long time, me and my family — at a great cost. It opened the door for them to be who they are,” Guillen replied.

“I’m a very tough guy, but seeing that, I know how it means to me and my family,” he finished.

Guillen, 57, was born in Ocumare del Tuy, Venezuela, and joined the MLB at 21 years old.

His career spanned nearly 2,000 games across 16 years, playing most of those in the American League with the Chicago White Sox. He was a three-time All-Star before retiring in 2000.

Guillen went on to become the coach of the Chicago White Sox, leading them to a World Series championship in 2005. Guillen was then named the World Series Champion Manager, MLB.Com Manager of the Year, and the Baseball America Major League Manager of the Year.

Liberals don’t get why anyone would want to be an American, so they don’t understand why someone like Guillen would be emotional over the whole thing. This is what gratitude for freedom and liberty looks like. If only more Americans shared this attitude instead of being indoctrinated by media and liberal teachers in schools and universities with anti-American hate.

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