Former NY Rep. Pete King Says 9/11 Demonstrates ‘Real Americans Love The Cops,’ Our Country

Mourning the fact that in modern America were talking about defunding police departments, former New York Rep. Pete King, a Republican, warned that this kind of talk can end up setting us back and leaving us vulnerable to another 9/11 style terrorist attack.

“I don’t want to be victims of our own success – because of tremendous effort, we have not had a major attack in 20 years – that could change overnight, if we ever let our guard down,” King went on to say to host Shaun Kraisman during a live interview conducted from his location at the 9/11 service as the names of victims were being read.

“So people who want to defund the police, who want to cut back on the military, cut back our intelligence agencies: We do that, we’re inviting another 9/11,” he continued.

King went on to give a heaping helping of praise on “real Americans” who support law enforcement officers and 9/11 first responders.

“At a time when it’s defund the cops, attack the cops, go after first responders, you can’t today,” the former congressman said. “You realize that the real Americans love the cops; they know what they did. They love the firefighters, know what they did.”

“To me, this was the heart of American people. The people here today were people who love their country, love the police, love the firefighters, love the armed forces – and it was really great to be with them,” King continued.

via Newsmax:

King said every year 9/11 warrants our undivided attention, hailing the rebuilding, unity, and love as the embodiment of “the American spirit, the dynamism of America.”

“I was actually working right up the block when they were building the World Trade Center,” King went on to say. “I remember coming back on 9/11, I couldn’t tell where I was, even though it’s only a block from where I worked.”

“But to see this, it’s coming back to me: This is America. We fought back. I don’t think even the most patriotic, dedicated person would have thought on Sept. 12, 2001 this would be what it is today. This is, to me, the American spirit, the dynamism of America, not giving up, not feeling sorry for ourselves, and not also always criticizing America and saying we’re systemically racist,” the former congressman concluded.


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