Former U.S. Marshals Director Has Stern Warning About “Defund the Police”

Americans are afraid to speak out about issues that concern law enforcement because the conversation has been infused with sensitive racial topics and most simply don’t want to be seen as a bigot.

This is putting us at serious risk of accepting a highly dangerous, radical ideology that would leave our nation more akin to the Third World than anything our nation has ever been.

“I think people are getting very conflicted in a moment where we’ve developed these racial tensions,” warns former director of the U.S. Marshals Service, Hylton recently told Breitbart News Daily. “They’re getting very conflicted on whether to speak or not speak because they’re going to get identified as left or right, so to speak, instead of what’s right or what’s wrong.”

“I think that political charge behind this — which is a dynamic that’s kind of been creating this divide — it’s forcing people to be quiet, you know. And I think that we have to be better than that. What I’d loved to be able to say is, ‘We need to have the race equality conversation,’” she continued.

“We need to talk about ensuring that police officers know how to de-escalate a situation. We need to talk about how we can have better funding for community policing and the real social problems as it gets down to opioids and drugs because it’s really a social-economic problem. How do we create jobs for disenfranchised areas?”

Why don’t we ever talk about criminals de-escalating when approached by police or black motorists complying with an officer’s lawful commands, to de-escalate the interaction? It’s a two-way street.

Not to mention addressing self-inflicted urban pathologies like fatherlessness, failing school systems, questionable lifestyle choices by young people that reinforce a toxic popular culture that glorifies crime and degradation of women, and the Godless cynicism that has taken over our society as a whole and raised up a generation with no regard or understanding for our nation’s most basic founding principles and thus, no understanding of morality or justice at all.

These are the real questions anyone who cares about law, order, and justice should be concerned about, but in the language of the despotic progressive left, it’s racist to even address problems with policing that stem from social ills and failed liberal soft on crime policy rather than “systemic racism.”

Hylton went on to explain how it is organized criminal outfits that benefit from misguided “social justice” efforts that empower criminals and leave the law-abiding at risk.

“There’s such a big political platform discussion that we can no longer have, unfortunately, and it’s getting lost,” Hylton remarked. “And then what’s happening is opportunists are taking advantage of this and they are escalating it intentionally.”

She compared the “defund the police” movement to a degradation of the rule of law.

“Understand how precious our rule of law is. Visit a country that has no rule of law and look at the organized crime that’s in there,” she explained.

“These opportunists form organized crime, gangs, that element just looks for these opportunities to take advantage of vulnerable people and vulnerable situations. That’s what we don’t want to happen.”

To virtue signaling, bleeding heart leftists who live comfortable lives in gated communities, it’s easy enough to envision a rainbow-and-puppies reality in which taking money from police departments reduces the frequency of police brutality, and somehow doesn’t increase crime as well.

For those who live in the neighborhoods where police are already overwhelmed with high crime thanks to decades of empty promises from the progressive left, the reality of what happens when law enforcement resources are strained is all too real. The social order collapses into chaos.

“The people that live in these communities that are gang-riddled [and] are opioid infested, they don’t want to lose the police. At the same time, they don’t want to appear to their own racial group that they’re not supporting the cause to have a voice and that is what’s getting mixed here,” Hylton explained.

“We can’t become Mexico or some of these countries that have no rule of law. Organized crime will come in and seize the moment,” she also said.

These are sobering words.

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