Former WH Physician May Be Onto Something, Claims This Could Be the Reason For Biden’s Mental Health Decline

What’s going on with America’s Resident in Chief, Slow Joe Biden, who seems to be getting worse and worse mentally as his presidency drags on through a disaster-filled second year?

According to former White House physician and current GOP representative Ronny Jackson, who served under both Obama and Trump, the issue might be a “progressive disease” like Alzheimer’s or dementia that’s causing his continued cognitive decline.

Rep. Jackson spoke on that during an appearance on FNC’s Sunday Morning Futures, telling host Maria Bartiromo that, though he hasn’t been able to examine President Biden, he suspects it is one such disease that’s the cause of Biden’s brain problems.

Speaking on that, Rep. Jackson first commented that though he wasn’t Biden’s physician when Biden was Vice President, he did oversee that person, and can tell that something has now changed with Biden and that what used to be gaffes are now something more, something worse. In his words:

“I saw him periodically throughout the years I was there, making the comment that I wasn’t his physician at the time. I oversaw the guy that did take care of him, but I wasn’t his physician at the time. But I have seen the same thing everybody else saw. I have saw Joe Biden, that was always prone to gaffes. But these aren’t gaffes anymore. Something’s changed toward — during the time that President Trump was our president, something happened, and Joe Biden started having another issue, a cognitive issue that’s related to his age.

Continuing, Rep. Jackson emphasized that while he doesn’t know exactly what’s going on with President Biden, he does have a few guesses about what diseases could be at the root of Biden’s mental state. As he put it:

“And like I have said before, I’m not his physician,” he continued. “I haven’t examined him, so I’m not going to make a diagnosis.

“But there’s a lot of diseases out there that have a big cognitive component, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, multi-infarct dementia. I don’t know what he’s got going on. But he has something that’s causing him to have cognitive decline.

And it’s progressive, related to his age. And we — there’s a lot of stuff you can do, Maria. There’s a lot of jobs you can have out there that you can still be successful if you’re not at the top of your game. President of the United States is not one of them.

Jackson then returned to the idea that Biden has changed, getting worse, since his time as Vice President, saying that now Biden isn’t just making gaffes, but is exposing a highly concerning mental state, something that also means he probably isn’t running things or pulling the strings:

“So I see a different Joe Biden now than the one that I saw when he was vice president at the White House. And I think there’s lots of tape and lots of video for 40 years of this man’s career. And anybody can go back and compare some of those earlier years and some of the gaffes to what’s happening now.

“And this is something very different. This is something very concerning. This man is not in control. And he’s not leading this country. Something else is going on behind the scenes. And there are other people pulling the strings. And that is very concerning for us.”

Ending, Jackson concluded by saying that whatever is up with Biden, it is something that “is putting our country at great risk right now.”

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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