Four Migrants On Terror Watch List Picked Up At The Border Since October

If you want to know why it is so critical that we secure the southern border and ensure that the folks who work for Border Patrol down there are well equipped to handle illegal aliens that wander into the country, look no further than the fact that four individuals with names on the terrorist watch list have been picked up in that area since October of 2020.

According to Fox News, information has revealed that three of the illegal aliens in question are from the country of Yemen and one of them is from Serbia. All were picked up at the southern border by Border Patrol agents. The Serbian national was encountered toward the end of January as a new increasing surge of migrants hit the border.

A spokesman for CBP said in a recent statement that security efforts at the southern border are “layered and include multiple levels of rigorous screening that allow us to detect and prevent people who pose national security or public safety risks from entering the United States.”

“DHS works with our international partners to share intelligence and other information, including to prevent individuals on the terrorist watchlist from entering the United States. CBP adjudicates individuals encountered at and between our ports of entry against several classified and unclassified databases to determine if they pose a threat to national security, consistent with the law,” the spokesman went on to say. “While encounters of known and suspected terrorists at our borders are very uncommon, they underscore the importance of the critical work our agents carry out on a daily basis to vet all individuals encountered at our borders.”

A good question is, how can they determine the identity if they do not have identification? Maybe that is why encounters of known terrorists at the border are rare.

Many conservatives have been warning about the increased risk a leaky border poses to our national security as it leaves open ways for terrorists to get through into our country and begin working with sleeper cells or creating their own right here on our soil.

“CBP encountered more than 100,000 migrants in February, with the Department of Homeland Security admitting that the numbers CBP are facing are ‘overwhelming,'” the Fox News report said.

“Republicans have blamed that spike on Biden administration policies, and warned that loosening border security could lead to terrorists or those on watch lists getting into the U.S.,” the report continued.

This is why we need a wall along the border and improved numbers of Border Patrol agents to help secure the area and ensure that terrorists aren’t gaining access to our country.

So we are back to playing politics with border security with both sides exchanging barbs instead of putting America First.

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