Fox News Continues Death Spiral As Popular Morning Show Beat By Other Network

Written with contribution from Sheriff David Clarke

The slow death of Fox News continues with the popular “Fox & Friends” morning program being beaten out by MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” last week for the first time since 2001.

Fox News viewers have been leaving in droves following their head-scratching calls made during their coverage of Election Night, opting instead for alternatives like Newsmax or OANN.

Inexplicably, Fox called Arizona for Joe Biden when the votes were still being counted.

They also took an unnecessarily long time to call Florida for Trump, causing some to wonder if they were waiting for polls on the East Coast to close.

The previously well-rated cable network also took an inexplicably long time to call Florida for President Trump, causing some to speculate if their decision desk was waiting for the polls on the East Coast to close.

Viewers who left the network on Election Night have since been vindicated and joined by others as the network’s coverage of allegations of voter fraud following the general election has been equally disappointing.

“Fox & Friends” was once one of the highest-rated morning shows on cable news, but it appears that even its fiercely loyal audience has moved on in the wake of the network’s questionable election coverage.

Fox News either forgot who their audience was or they arrogantly don’t care anymore. What they also forgot is that they did not make themselves the top-rated cable news show. Viewers did. And viewers are pushing back in not making them the top-rated cable news network. Fox News is hemorrhaging viewers. Good!

AdWeek reported that Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski’s “Morning Joe” pulled in an average 1.6 million viewers for the week while “Fox & Friends” pulled just 1.4 million.


“Republicans grew tired of being lectured and insulted by some of Fox News’ anchors,” Red State wrote of the news of these abysmal ratings.

“We’ve seen it with Chris Wallace, Neil Cavuto, and Sandra Smith (caught on a hot mic). More recently, we saw Leland Vittert lose his mind on a Trump surrogate. Republicans don’t need a news network that lies to them. They do need one that doesn’t needlessly insult them and their viewpoints.”

Newsmax TV meanwhile, Red State notes, has seen a “ratings boom” as they continue to report honestly on the election rather than towing the establishment party line as Fox News has chosen to do.

Memo to Fox News Channel: You are no longer the only game in town for conservative viewers. You have stabbed them in the back. They have choices to turn to in news viewing and they are exercising those options.

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