Fred Fleitz Says Former PM Netanyahu ‘May Be Back’ In Charge Of The Nation Of Israel

While centrist leader Yair Lapid is supposedly going to replace the country’s newly elected Prime Minister Naftali Bennett in two years, Fred Fleitz, the president and CEO of the Center for Security Policy, conducted an interview with Newsmax on Monday, saying he believes that the new coalition in the Israeli government will not last long and there’s a real possibility that former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “may be back.”

“I don’t see how this government it’s going to stand up to the growing security threats it’s going to be facing,” Fleitz said during his appearance on Newsmax TV’s “Wake Up America” program. “I don’t know how it’s going to stand up to dealing with the United States and its efforts to get back in the Iran deal, so I think before two years are up, we’ll see. We’ll see more elections.”

Currently, both Bennett and Lapid are leading an eight-party alliance that features a wide range of different religious and political beliefs with the one thing uniting them, according to Fleitz is they all hate Netanyahu.

via Newsmax:

Bennett is an Israeli nationalist who opposes a two-state solution for Israel and Palestine and settlements on the West Bank, but many of his coalition, including from the “radical Islamist party,” do not agree with him, said Fleitz, and he doesn’t see how their government can function.

David Rubin, the former mayor of Shiloh, Israel, also appearing on “Wake Up America,” said that he sees Bennett as a “one-armed bandit,” and agrees that the right-of-center voters who elected him feel betrayed because he “stole their votes and used them to create this strange kind of conglomerate of the far left.

“If he tries to take decisive action against Hamas, well, the far left and the Arab parties, the Arab party, and his coalition are going to be holding him back,” Rubin went on to say. “He’s not going to be able to accomplish anything of a right-wing agenda, and that’s the biggest problem. That’s the biggest betrayal of his right-wing voters. ”

President Joe Biden has already phoned Bennett to offer up congratulations, which Fleitz states is all due to the fact that his administration “hated Netanyahu.”

We all know that when Biden was vice president under President Barack Obama, the administration slammed Israel and Netanyahu frequently, doing a lot of damage to the United States’s relationship with our greatest ally in the Middle East.

“I think the question is how are Israel’s enemies going to deal with this,” Fleitz stated. “I think they’re going to try to take advantage of it. They are going to sense weakness … Israel has a fragile, divided government and I think Iran and Hamas are going to take advantage of this as soon as possible. They see an opening to get concessions to destroy the Israeli state, and I think they’re going to move fast.”

Rubin said that he doesn’t believe the new government will be able to repair relations between Israel and the Palestinians.

“The wounds are very slow to heal, and I don’t know if they will heal,” Rubin added. “Israelis are not so easily fooled.”



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