Germany Set to Place Those Who Violate Quarantine Rules In Detention Centers, Camps

Well, this isn’t a great look.

Germany is prepared to put citizens who disobey COVID-19 quarantine rules into detention centers and even one camp, in the case of a repurposed facility previously used for refugees in the state of Saxony.

The UK’s Daily Mail reported that state governments are empowered to forcibly detail those who violate such restrictions under the Disease Protection Act which was renewed by Germany’s federal government in November.

The Interior Minister of Saxony Roland Wöller explained on Monday that such measures would only be used as a last resort and require a court order.

Oh, well in that case.

“I assume that these will be very, very few cases. At the moment, none is known,” he told the German newspaper Die Welt.

We’ve come a really long way from “14 days to stop the spread.” It is a slippery slope. It starts out narrowly applied but as we have seen, it gets loosely applied as time goes on.

Does anyone think a Biden administration won’t encourage the legislature to empower your officials to take the same action to enforce quarantines?

Wake up, folks. The statists of the world have pounced on the COVID-19 pandemic and are testing the strength of civil rights across the Western world.

Don’t think American progressives wouldn’t love to see the same thing here—and they just managed to steal the White House and both chambers of Congress.

We can only hope that the German people remember their own very recent history and wake up before we see a whole new twisted era of history repeating itself—across the globe.

The new world order and the Great Reset are upon us.

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