Girl Responsible For Death Of DC Area Uber Eats Driver Pleads Guilty, But Gets Away With It

Back in March, the nation was stunned to see two teenage girls attempt to carjack an Uber Eats driver  in the Washington, D.C. area, which ultimately resulted in the death of the driver, Mohammad Anwar, an immigrant from Pakistan.

The video of the incident is extremely graphic in detail and clearly shows the two girls racing off in Anwar’s vehicle, Anwar stuck in the door and trying desperately to take back control of the car from the suspects.

As the video progresses, we see the car crash at the end of the block and roll onto the passenger side. One of the girls involved in the crime can be seen desperately searching for her phone, revealing how cold and calloused she is toward the well being of their victim, Anwar, whose body, badly torn up, can be seen lying lifelessly close to the front of a nearby building.

According to WTOP, the 15-year-old girl pled guilty to felony murder on May 5th and now awaits sentencing on June 4th. The other girl in the car at the time, who is just 13, is scheduled for a hearing next week. As alluded to in our previous reports, the harshest sentence she faces is less than 3 years in a juvenile detention facility,” RedState wrote in a recently published report.

“During a time when the left has been talking about the way that the criminal justice system “victimizes” minorities, little is being said about this case, which is among the most clear-cut cases of murder in a long while. When cases like the Ohio officer who shot Ma’Khia Bryant are being debated and people are questioning whether or not use-of-force was necessary despite clear video evidence of Bryant attempting to stab another girl, it is shocking the left is so silent about this case. Could it be that it doesn’t match their narrative?” the report continued.

Now, you can almost guarantee that if the suspect involved in the death of Anwar were a teenage white kid, the mainstream media, which is just a propaganda machine for leftism these days, would have been demanding he not only be charged but spend the rest of his days rotting away behind bars.

“Not only that, they seem to be defending these girls. The Mayor of DC, instead of demanding justice for Anwar and his family, decided that it was a better time to hold a PSA regarding how to avoid being carjacked. Of course, this doesn’t include arresting carjackers and holding them accountable. The acting police chief of DC stated that he didn’t think that the two girls, who were certainly adult enough to commit a felony, were not adult enough to be charged as such. Fox’s resident leftist apologist, Juan Williams likened the girls’ actions as a ‘joy ride’ that ‘went wrong.’  Yahoo’s then-White House Correspondent, Hunter Walker, had the garbage-iest of takes when he said that the right was simply trying to use Anwar’s death as a means of sparking criticism of blacks,” Redstate added.

It’s a pretty safe bet that the family of Mohammad Anwar isn’t concerned at all about who is responsible for their loved one’s death. All they want is for the system to work and provide justice and closure so they can try to put their lives back together again.

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