Go Figure: LA County Votes to Re-Fund the Police After Massive Crime Surge

Written with contribution from Sheriff David Clarke

Well, well, well.

Look who wants their cops back.

It’s pretty sick that clueless progressives have to wait until there’s blood on the streets to discover that their policies are horrible.

The really infuriating thing, however, is that as cities realize defunding the police is a terrible idea, their reversal of this pop progressive pipe dream will get significantly less attention than the birth of the idea in the first place.

If I were a leftist, I’d probably be cooking up a conspiracy theory that defund the police was a right-wing ploy to get cities to provide even more funding to police departments because boy, it is not going well.

Los Angeles County Metro Board of Directors has voted—unanimously, mind you—to increase funds to the police to the tune of $36 million after the predictable crime wave that followed after the defunding of the police.

The additional funds will go to the Los Angeles Police Department, the Long Beach Police Department, and the L.A.’s Sheriffs Department.

This is a much smaller number than the $111 million originally requested by police officials for their departments.

According to Crosstown, L.A. has seen a spike in crime in the first two months of 2021 as compared to the first two months of last year, including 88% more reports of shots fired, 141% more gunshot victims, and 39% more homicides.

“We continue to struggle with homicides and shooting violence,” LAPD Chief Michel Moore told the Los Angeles Police Commission in February.

“We have a concern about the level of violence that is still ahead of last year,” he added.

In July of 2020 as American cities were burning and rioters and looters being lovingly rebranded as “mostly peaceful protesters” as they conducted their crime sprees, L.A. decreased their police budget by $150 million.

Of course, city officials still enjoyed personal police details, while working-class city residents in rough neighborhoods were left to fend for themselves in the name of “social justice.”

“If you compare South L.A. to the rest of the city, we represent 65% of the city’s shooting victims,” LAPD Deputy Chief Regina Scott told the LAPC at the same event. “In just six weeks, we’ve had 110 victims shot compared with just 24 last year. These are numbers we haven’t seen since the late nineties or early 2000s.”

Get comfortable with it Los Angelinos. You elected these people.

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