Gov. Greg Abbott Reveals Plan For Texas Plan To Build A Wall; Says Trump Set ‘High Mark’ For Border Security

Gov. Greg Abbott has announced plans for the state of Texas to continue construction on a border wall, lamenting the lack of, well, anything, being done by the Biden administration to get anything done concerning the border crisis.

Abbott has also invited former President Donald Trump to come visit the border, something neither the president or vice president has managed to do over the course of the last six months.

“We need to build the border wall in certain strategic areas, and it’s going to be tomorrow that I make the public announcement about exactly what the Texas plan is for building the border wall,” Abbott stated during a conversation he had on Newsmax‘s “Greg Kelly Reports” on Tuesday.

“Texas has a plan to step up and continue to build the wall because we need to help our fellow Texans from the unbelievable number of people coming across the border,” Abbott stated.

The appearance by Abbott on the program followed just a few hours after the former president announced that he would be accepting Abbott’s invitation to see the southern border in Texas.

“He set the high mark for what needs to be done on the border with building the border wall, the remain in Mexico policy, with the Title 42 policy, by sending a message that no longer could people come across the border illegally,” Abbott went on to say.

“He was going to enforce the immigration laws,” he said, going on to add,

“It’s amazing that we now have been through about five months or so of another administration that have yet to come down to the border, either the president or vice president.”

“President Trump was highly engaged and he remained in active communication with me during the entirety of his presidency,” Abbott said, comparing how differently the two administrations have handled the border situation.

via Newsmax:

As for leaking details of his border wall construction plans for Texas, Abbott declined to offer any clues, saying: “It will be effective, let me put it that way.”

Abbott is a target of the left because he is running for governor of Texas and has the endorsement of Trump, but he said he is up for the challenge, using his unfortunate accident in his 20s that has paralyzed him from the waist down and confined him to a wheelchair.

“I chose immediately, not to be a victim, but to be a victor,” Abbott said. “I learned a very important lesson and that is our lives are not going to be defined by our challenges; instead, we define our lives by the way that we respond to those challenges.”

Abbott is right on the money to take action to put an end to this craziness himself. The federal government would rather welcome illegals straight into the country and load them up with free stuff so that they can transform them into lifetime Democrats.


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