Grandparents Targeted In Drive-By Shooting for “Thin Blue Line” Flag

Whether you like it or not, the American people are at war. Stop denying it.

This is not thrilling to say, since it’s much easier to believe we live in the relative peace and stability that we’ve enjoyed for decades.

But something has snapped in 2020, and we appear to be witnessing the beginnings of what could potentially turn into a full-scale armed conflict, should we continue down this dangerous path.

It has been in the works for some time, of course.

Democrat politicians have slowly more openly begun to embrace a radical view of race and law enforcement that goes far beyond the simple universal concern that LEOs are fairly fulfilling their duty to protect and serve.

We have numerous measures in place to ensure that this happens and police departments across the nation face the constant scrutiny of a society that no longer accepts institutional discrimination on the basis of race, something that has been true for decades, no matter what the progressives tell you.

What has become institutional is the perpetuation of flat-out myths about race and policing that are accepted without any proof or scrutiny by media outlets, corporations, and politicians, the latter of whom rely upon these narratives to further their political agenda.

Now, it is no longer police officers who are discriminating against citizens, as was likely far more prevalent in the Jim Crow South prior to the Civil Rights movement, but criminals targeting police officers and other citizens.

This is not progress. This is the result of hysterical demagoguery, and more and more people are going to get hurt unless we wake up to the reality of our situation.

A pair of grandparents in Seattle, Washington, appear to have been the intended victims of drive-by shooting on Friday, and police believe it is due to the “thin blue line American flag” they have on display in their yard.

A “dark-colored sedan” reportedly fired nine shots at their home with “six of the gunshots [hitting] the home and a vehicle.”

The outlet KIRO 7 reported that the couple had received “derogatory” remarks about the flag before the shooting occurred.

“About twice a week someone was coming by and saying derogatory remarks saying take it down. I didn’t argue with anybody,” one of the grandparents noted.

The couple’s home had been vandalized with graffiti reading “BLM” as well as other statements previously as well.

They had even removed their pro-police flag and replaced it with a smaller version in the hopes that those who found their support for the police so objectionable would be satisfied.

Now posting the thin blue line flag riles up these goons like a confederate flag might.

If they’d taken the flag down altogether and replaced it with “Black Lives Matter” and Antifa flags, it’s hard to imagine the mob would have been appeased. Maybe.

Nearby, Portland, Oregon Mayor Ted Wheeler went out and protested with his resident radicals and they still tried to burn his apartment building down.

Thankfully, the grandparents in Seattle were not injured in the shooting, but if they’re not ultimately the victims of this chilling violence, someone else surely will be.

The fire is closing in on us.

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