Group Of Former Trump Staffers Are Now Suing Ohio County Over Dominion Voting Systems Equipment

A nonprofit group that was ran by former Trump administration and campaign staffers filed a lawsuit on Tuesday against Stark County, Ohio Board of Elections over Dominion Voting Systems equipment.

According to a report from Just The News,  The Look Ahead America suit is alleging the election board violated open meetings laws when members decided behind closed doors to purchase the Dominion equipment.

Dominion has found themselves at the center of plenty of controversy related to a all kinds of 2020 election irregularities. The company has been very aggressive in fighting back against these allegations, filing a number of multi-billion dollar defamation suit against some individuals making these accusations.

“The process engaged in by the Board of Elections was not transparent and open to the public,” LAA Executive Director Matt Braynard went on to say.

“Braynard claims that election officials before voting on the contract with Dominion excluded the public for 18 minutes of their discussion, in violations of open meetings rules,” the report says.

“Nothing necessitated the public’s exclusion. And for the next months thereafter, they continued to exclude the public when discussing the contract with Dominion,” Braynard also stated.

According to LLA, the reason they filed the suit was to help ensure that any future voting system purchase is reliant upon open-source software in order to “restore trust” in the state’s election.

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