Gubernatorial Candidate Caitlyn Jenner Says That California Must Be Competitive

Caitlyn Jenner, who is currently running for governor in California,  recently unveiled plans to make the state more “competitive” with other states.

Jenner, a former Olympian, made an appearance on the “Greg Kelly Reports” program, saying, “It’s so important that we get competitive with other states. Eighteen thousand companies have left California, and they’ve left for one reason. They didn’t leave for the beaches. They didn’t leave for Yosemite. They left because of high taxes and high regulations. We have to develop a system here in California. … I never see California going to a zero corporate tax rate like, you know, Florida or Texas. But we can be competitive, and you know we have the greatest resources in the world here.”

Information from the Tax Foundation has revealed that the state of California is ranked 49th out of 50 for individual income tax rates, and 45th in sales tax. Is it any wonder so many folks are fleeing from the state? It’s almost impossible to make ends meet in conditions like that.

via Newsmax:

As part of Jenner’s policies, she said, if elected governor, she would “close [California’s] southern border down. We have to finish the wall,” she exclaimed. Jenner had mentioned that “[Gov.] Gavin Newsom isn’t doing anything” to address the border or the influx of illegal migrants.

Jenner continued citing that “the border is a big issue” in California as well as immigration. “We have to … use state funds on state land to be able to close the border down. We have to do that. If you are arrested in this state, and you’re here illegally, you’re out of here.”

Jenner acknowledged that a lot of the state is dependent on migrant workers and that there needs to be a process that allows them to work in this country, but through legal merit.

California is quickly becoming a wasteland thanks in large part to the leftist, socialist policies of Democrats. They are trying to put radical leftist ideology into practice and since much of it goes against the very laws of nature, it’s only serving to destroy the state and its culture.

Too bad they won’t listen to reason.

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