Gun Sales, Already At 11 Million, Are Set To Shatter Another Record

It seems that now is the perfect time to be involved in the gun industry, as sales continue to explode (no pun intended). While inventories were a bit sparse, sales during the month of July were the second highest ever for the month, coming in at a staggering 1.3 million to 1.4 million, taking the total gun sales for the year up to 11 million, according to data from an analysis of FBI background checks.

“That’s a strong demand signal from the American public that there is steady and strong appetite for continued firearm sales,” Mark Oliva of the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the industry trade group went on to say of the numbers.

“Summer is typically a part of the year when firearm sales will slow, but July’s figures defy that trend. Americans are still buying guns and they’re buying them in numbers higher than previous years and at a pace that would have been unpredictable two or three years ago. To date, more than 11 million background checks have been completed for the sale of a gun,” he continued.

via Washington Examiner:

Jurgen Brauer, the chief economist at Small Arms Analytics & Forecasting, said “even though the July year-over-year headline number fell drastically, estimated unit sales of nearly 1.4 million in July 2021 increased by over 500,000 units when compared to the more ‘normal’ July 2019 data. Indeed, part from last year’s extraordinary July number, the July 2021 number is the highest on record.”

The FBI background check numbers were actually the lowest of the year, at 2,882,672. They include checks for security clearances, concealed carry permits and gun sales.

Oliva, the NSSF director of public affairs, said beating last year may be difficult. At this point, sales had topped 13 million. But for comparison, he added, sales were about 12.1 million.

Data shows that sales back in 2019 were 13.2 million for an entire year. We’re eight months into 2021 and have already hit 11 million. That’s quite a jump up. And you know this increase in gun sales has Democrats and progressives wailing as they cry themselves to sleep.

This is the exact opposite of what they want to see when it comes to guns and the Second Amendment.

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