Hilarious! Hannity Pulls Out the Big Gun, Rips Into Biden

President Joe Biden supposedly contracted Covid, and so has been holed up in the White House until he gets better, with Kamala presumably watching and waiting for any sign of weakness that would give her the opportunity to be president, if only for a bit.

But, though the Resident-in-Chief is even more of a vegetable than normal, his weakness hasn’t stopped Republicans from making hilarious jokes about him and his disaster of an administration. If anything, the diagnosis has just renewed interest in making fun of his obvious weakness.

Such is what happened during last night’s “Hannity” program, with both Kellyanne Conway and Sean Hannity ripping into the senile, Covid-infected president with a vengeance.

Hannity, for example, skewered Biden both for how little he seems to do and how terrible of a job whoever doing his work for him is doing, saying:

First tonight we begin in the Washington squad.  Joe Biden continues to recover from Covid-19 thankfully we don’t want anybody sick of this program. We wish him well. So far his schedule as primus remained kind of normal for him, which is to say he does little to nothing.

No president in modern American history has worked less than your President Joe Biden. He rarely appears in public, he almost never conducts sit-down interviews or press conferences. Frequently the daily briefing is the only thing on his schedule and then to make matters worse whoever is running the White House while Joe Biden is napping is doing a pretty terrible job.

“Now, by every metric that we possibly have, Americans are far worse off under Joe Biden than they were under President Trump. It is so bad now that most Democrats in the media mob…they’re now jumping ship, they are all desperately looking for alternatives.”

Watch Hannity shred Joe and his inability to do the job here:

But that wasn’t all. While Hannity’s “Weekend at Biden’s” monologue ended, Kellyanne Conway came on the program and tore into Biden while commenting on the obvious fight for the 2024 nomination between him and California Governor Gavin Newsom, saying:

“I mean, the only differencereally  between him and Joe Biden and Gavin Newsom is that he could do a full 30 minutes on the peloton bike. You’re talking about shuffleboarder versus a surfboarder. Their policies are the same. You’re both socialists. They both don’t like dealing with Kamala Harris.

“I think the age difference is irrelevant when you talk about the policy similarities. Everything woke Joe Biden is trying to do in Washington, D.C., with democratic rule, Gavin Newsom has ever tried to do or has succeeded in doing and awoke one party democratic rule in California. What is his greatest export? He is against oil and gas. He is against fracking in California. Newsom of course opened Hollywood before he opened your children’s schools in California.“

The battle against wokeness continues, though only time will tell whether that battle is primarily fought against Slow Joe or against his greasy-haired counterpart from California. At least both dislike Cackling Kamala about as much as we do.

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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