Hilarious Video: Brian Stelter Sounds Like Blubbering Baby in His Final Farewell Segment

Fired CNN host Brian Stelter finished his gaslighting, misinformation program “Reliable Sources” the way he started, with laughable hubris and pathetic rhetoric. 

Closing out nine years of still-baffling hosting (seriously, if he’s an embarrassment now, what did he offer as a then-twenty-twenty-eight-year-old major news anchor in 2013?), Stelter made the requisite thank yous before delving into bizarro world.

Some things just need to be seen to be believed. Watch:

“I believe America needs CNN to be strong, I believe the free world needs CNN to be strong, and it will continue to be because all of us are going to help make that happen. The free world needs a reliable source. So, for ‘Reliable Sources,’ for the last time, I’m Brian Stelter, thanks for being with us.”

Of all the sendoffs, this is how he ultimately ended the show before the lights were turned off. “America and the free world need a strong CNN” might be the most idiotic statement he’s ever made. We need less CNN. In fact, we’d be better off with no CNN.

And you know who agrees with me? The new ownership at CNN; there’s a reason they are cleaning house with Zucker, Cuomo, Toobin, Stelter, and eventually Don Lemon we presume  – they were all partisan hacks who spread misinformation faster than a gay orgy spreads Monkeypox.

Famously, Stelter got called out last spring for eveyr major CNN hoax – Sandmann, Smollett, Collusion, anything Trump related – by a college kid and ranted incoherently for a minute. If any short video summarizes Stelter’s career, it’s this video right here:

As for Stelter’s final goodbye, which will always prompt us to ask how he even got the job in the first place, he kept pressing the point that CNN was fair and balanced and rigorous and open for debate. They believe these lies and my fear is they might never be red pilled or saved. They will just keep wreaking havoc on truth and freedom – until we are all killed or enslaved in the name of “saving” such institutions.

In an earlier monologue, Stelter pathetially reiterated the mission of CNN, which he believes is accurate before, during, and after his time there:

“That is the watch word here. Accountability. We need to have room for media criticism and debate and discussion, and we will. So much of the media ecosystem in 2022 is garbage, but so much of it is spectacular. The hard part is sorting out the treasure from the trash. These are thorny complicated things. I know I never had all the answers. I didn’t even always have all the questions. But it was the gift of a lifetime to get to confront these issues on international division with the backing of CNN.” 

The best line here is that the media ecosystem is garbage in 2022. You don’t say, Tater. Thankfully, it’s getting just a little bit better

This story syndicated with permission from The Blue State Conservative

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