Homeless Activists Partnered Up With Socialists To Launch Assault On LAPD Trying To Shut Down ‘Largest Self-Run’ Encampment

Los Angeles police officers got into a major altercation with a large group of homeless people and socialist activists while they were attempting to shut down a large encampment that some individuals have claimed has the support of the local community.

According to TheBlaze, the LAPD ended up issuing a tactical alert for the entire city last Wednesday over the clash that took place at Echo Park Lake, which is located roughly three miles north of downtown Los Angeles, where hundreds of homeless people have been encamped for more than a year now. One has to ask why they were allowed to do so for more than a year.

“The tents have transformed into a makeshift communal society with a pantry and garden, but homeowners have fumed on YouTube and other social media platforms that the encampment has brought crime and unsafe conditions. An online petition from nearby residents demanded that the city remove the camp and received more than 4,000 signatures,” TheBlaze said in their report.

“On Wednesday the police tried to close the park and remove the encampment but they were attacked by the homeless and their activist supporters. Police said they threw bottles and rocks at the officers,” the report continued.

“The Los Angeles Police Department was asked to support community safety efforts during installation of the fencing to assist in the rehabilitation of Echo Park,” Los Angeles Councilman Mitch O’Farrell, who happens to run the district where the park is located, said in a statement.

“Department personnel are deployed in that area so that those efforts can begin in a safe and unimpeded manner,” he went on to add. “Our homeless service providers will return tomorrow morning to continue their work with the park’s unhoused residents to offer shelter and services to anyone who wants and needs the assistance.”

Activists shredded O’Farrell to pieces on social media, laying all the blame for this mess on him for what they referred to as an immoral effort to “gentrify” the neighborhood.


The work being done by local law enforcement officers to clear the area was met with resistance by over 200 protesters who demanded that authorities continue to allow the camp to exist.

A notice was then released by police notifying those in the park that if any personal property was left there by 10:30 p.m. on Thursday, it would be removed by the city. StreetWatch L.A. then responded to that notice by asking for more protesters to show up and prevent the police from carrying out their duties.


The silver lining in all this is that it is happening in a state that tolerates this rot. City officials have mainstreamed and normalized this unsociable behavior.


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