House Republicans Have Launched An Effort To Hold China Accountable For COVID

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has announced that Republicans are looking into the origins of the coronavirus through a series of hearings and some proposed legislation.

While the minority party in the House cannot launch official investigations, the Republican Party can still use this effort to point the finger at Democrats for lacking an interest in holding China accountable for the pandemic, which has caused the deaths of 4 million people.

via Washington Examiner:

McCarthy, a California Republican, told reporters his conference members have proposed eight pillars intended to “deliver transparency” to expose the origins of the coronavirus. That includes declassifying intelligence related to the creation of COVID-19 and prohibiting National Institutes of Health funding to governments including China, North Korea, and Iran.

“We need to restrict the visas and impose sanctions so they understand that they cannot continue to do this around the world,” McCarthy went on to say. “We need to work with the international community to relocate the 24th Winter Olympic Games. If China would lie to the world where millions die, why would the world reward another Olympics?”

Additionally, McCarthy called for an investigation into American companies, including Google, which reportedly funded Wuhan lab-linked scientist Peter Daszak and his charity for over a decade.

“How much more of this funding is going, maybe not directly to a grant, but another grantee coming in? Is any of this funding also going to Iran, Russia, or others [of] our adversaries?” he then asked.

It’s about time something be done about this. China is responsible for not providing complete and totally accurate information which impacted the way many nations responded to the spread of the virus. Lives were lost as a result of this. It’s time for the folks on the left to stop using “racism” as an excuse and really look into what caused this disaster.


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