How Venezuela Just Used A “Hate Law” to Silence Maduro Critics

Hate, for those of you who are unaware, is a state of the human heart.

It is not something tangible like, say, socking someone in the face or spray painting a nasty word on someone’s home, which are acts in the physical world.

We can write laws that detail what is to happen to someone who socks someone in the face or spray paints a word on someone’s home.

But the moment we create laws that penalize this highly subjective, non-tangible “hate” is the moment we step over into Orwellian territory.

As we have seen here in the United States as of late, quantifying speech as “hate” speech is highly problematic at best, chillingly dictatorial at worst and in reality.

The intention of “hate” is slapped on to any opinion or statement of fact that the progressive leftist narrative is threatened by.

And in the socialist hellhole of Venezuela, dictator Nicolas Maduro and his allies just leveraged the concept of a “hate law” to silence some of the Marxist tyrant’s last remaining critics, AP reports.

“Francisco Belisario, a Venezuelan mayor, retired general and member of the ruling Socialist party, had enough. His loudest local critic had accused him of bungling the response to the coronavirus outbreak and other big problems,” they explain.

In August, he requested an “exhaustive investigation” into this critic, Giovanni Urbaneja, from a state prosecutor.

Urbaneja was a former lawmaker who had “become a gadfly” to Belisario and other Socialist officials.

Belisario declared that Urbaneja was conducting a “ferocious smear campaign” on Facebook and elsewhere.

Sound familiar?

Just mention Hunter Biden to a Democrat or Tech Tyrant.

The AP continues, “Urbaneja not only defamed him and President Nicolas Maduro, the mayor wrote. He violated Venezuela’s Law Against Hate. The law, passed in 2017 but rarely used before this year, criminalizes actions that ‘incite hatred’ against a person or group.”

Sound familiar?

Try affirming the biological definition of gender to a progressive.

The mayor requested that Urbaneja be charged with hate crimes and, just days later, “several dozen masked officers raided Urbaneja’s home and took him at gunpoint for “a chat,” according to the police report of his arrest and Urbaneja’s wife. Urbaneja remains jailed, awaiting formal charges and a trial.”

Sound familiar?

It might very soon.


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