Hurricane Ian Hits The Coast of Florida and the Effects are BRUTAL! [WATCH]

Hurricane Ian made landfall in Florida yesterday to immediate effect. The Category 4 weather phenomenon blasted the famous Sanibel Islands and Fort Myers/Naples area, instantaneously bringing fierce winds and ocean waters to the low-lying communities.

Ian has since been downgraded to a Tropical Storm, with its peak winds of 150 miles per hour “softening” to just 75 miles per hour.

Twitter shared footage of the swift and dramatic landfall, with some videos showing how the water in Tampa Bay was sucked out to sea and others showing the damaging effect of high water. Fort Myers roads were completely inundated while residents in hotels and apartments captured rushing ocean waters racing underneath in carports and lower levels of buildings.

Watch as a home in Naples suffers from the rising, rushing waters:

In another crazy video, the only indication that a covered area was a parking lot and road system is the formation of palm trees. What’s left is a massively flooded area with a strong current, courtesy of the wind and storm surge.

And while houses can be replaced, the next video is simply devastating. Imagine watching your home – a place of security, memories, and possessions – behind carried helplessly away.

As mentioned earlier, the bay in Tampa’s eponymous waterway was drained as the strength of Ian pulled it out in preparation for a major dousing later on.

And, of course, where there are oceans there are sharks. It’s not bad enough that the hurricane wrought utter devastation, but it brought sharks with it. No, thank you.

NBC provided an update on the latest in Florida as of Thursday morning:

Hurricane Ian made landfall in Florida on Wednesday afternoon as a powerful Category 4 storm.

Maximum sustained winds were around 150 mph as it hit the southwest coast at the island of Cayo Costa near Fort Myers and Cape Coral.

By Wednesday night, more than 2 million customers were without power in the state, and communities along Florida’s west coast had issued mandatory curfews.

Later Wednesday, the storm gradually weakened to a Category 1 hurricane with maximum sustained winds around 90 mph, but heavy rain continued to pummel the state, and storm surge warnings remained in effect.

The National Hurricane Center has warned of “life-threatening storm surge, catastrophic winds and flooding in the Florida Peninsula,” with millions under evacuation orders.

This story syndicated with permission from The Blue State Conservative

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