Hypocritical Outrage Over Chris Doyle Hiring—Apparently, Only Leftists Get Second Chances

The progressive left wouldn’t have any standards at all if they didn’t have double standards, and this truism is on display once again in the outrage over the hiring of Chris Doyle, a strength coach who was fired from Iowa State over claims of racism and is now joining the staff of the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The outcry has been deafening, as Doyle left Iowa’s team in 2020 after dozens of black players alleged racist treatment. The New York Daily News noted he reached a separation agreement with the university of one million dollars and lamented that he’s now “getting a promotion” to the NFL in his new role as the Jaguars’ “Director of Sport Performance.”

The Fritz Pollard Alliance, a group dedicated to promoting “diversity” within the league, issued a rebuke Friday and pointing to the hiring as—yup—indicative of systemic racism.

“At a time when the NFL has failed to solve its problem with racial hiring practices, it is simply unacceptable to welcome Chris Doyle into the ranks of NFL coaches,” Fritz Pollard Alliance’s executive director Rod Graves wrote in a statement, ESPN reported.

“Doyle’s departure from the University of Iowa reflected a tenure riddled with poor judgment and mistreatment of Black players. His conduct should be as disqualifying for the NFL as it was for University of Iowa.

“Urban Meyer’s statement, ‘I’ve known Chris for close to 20 years’ reflects the good ol’ boy network that is precisely the reason there is such a disparity in employment opportunities for Black coaches,” the statement continued.

ESPN described the group as “an organization devoted to championing diversity in the NFL. It comprises scouts, coaches and front office personnel in the NFL as well as other sports professionals.”

Doyle was the director of strength and conditioning for Iowa State from 1999 through this summer when he was branded with a scarlet letter R for Racist in the midst of the resurgence of the violent, riotous, and Chinese Cultural Revolution-style Marxist Black Lives Matter/Antifa movements.

He reached his agreement with the school and departed.

Jaguars’ head coach Urban Meyer said he researched Doyle, had some “intense conversations with him” according to ESPN, and was satisfied that there would be no issues in the future.

ESPN described the allegations originally made against Doyle:

A number of the allegations came from Black players and concerned the way Doyle treated them and his use of racist language. Meyer said he researched Doyle, had some intense conversations with him and is confident that there will not be problems in the future.

“I vet everyone on our staff and like I said, the relationship goes back close to 20 years and a lot of hard questions asked, a lot of vetting involved with all our staff. We did a very good job vetting that one,” Meyer said.

“I met with our staff and I’m going to be very transparent with all the players like I am with everything. I’ll listen closely and learn, and also there’s going to have to be some trust in their head coach that we’re going to give them the very best of the best, and time will tell. … The allegations that took place, I will say [to the players] I vetted him. I know the person for close to 20 years and I can assure them there will be nothing of any sort in the Jaguar facility,” he added.

ESPN says that “Some of the issues raised by the numerous former Iowa players who spoke out on social media last year were: Black and white players were held to different standards; Black players were mistreated; Doyle and other assistants made racist remarks; and Black players felt they had to conform to specific ways of dress and behavior. Their complaints sparked the university to hire a Kansas City law firm to conduct an external investigation into the football program.”

Let’s stop right here—this is America. Is it not? How are we to ever make cultural progress, on a realistic level, if we constantly demand repentance and accountability for racist comments or behavior, what is the point of lecturing white people constantly on how to be not racist if they can’t ever redeem themselves?

Examples. Sarah Jong, an Asian, made racist tweets about hating white men. She was still hired by the New York Times who said they vetted her and that she has repented. Oh Really?

DeSean Jackson, an African American who played for the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFL posted racist anti Semitic tweets and quoted Hitler in the posts. He apologized and had to do community service.

Joy Reed, a black CNN show host made homophobic slurs on her twitter account before being hired at CNN. When it surfaced, she said her account was hacked. It was a lie. She apologized and CNN said that was good enough. Where was the vetting there?

So now Doyle can’t apologize and be allowed to move on? He should have been made to do community service at a black youth center in Jacksonville as his penance but oh no. Can’t allow that because he’s a white male?

Who honestly thinks this guy is going to go around hurling the n-word left and right when he had his public image smeared and is no doubt subject to a constant stream of virulent hatred? I think we can probably expect, in this climate, the man is going to be watching his step, if he wants to keep this high-profile job.

It’s not like the NFL hasn’t almost 100% acquiesced to the outrage mob at this point.

Minorities are no longer oppressed in America and haven’t been for a very long time. White males are today’s oppressed class and the oppressors are liberals, specifically white liberals and black racialists.

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