Ilhan Omar Justifies Riots As “Uprising Over Centuries of Racial Neglect and Oppression”

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) is living the American dream. She and her family escaped war-torn Somalia when she was a child and she was raised in a Kenyan refugee camp until coming to the United States.

In the land of opportunity, she received an education and enjoyed great success in the political world, not only rising to the rank of one of the highest-profile U.S. Congresswomen.

She has a book deal and rubs elbows with the rich and famous. Heck, she’s barely been criticized by the majority of the mainstream media for all the scandal she’s been involved in!

Talk about privilege.

Of course, this isn’t how she sees things.

She’s resented this country, by her own admission in her memoir, since she first landed on U.S. soil.

She has advocated for completely dismantling this mythical oppressive system, and now, in comments that are hardly surprising based on what we’ve come to expect from the first-term congresswoman, she’s justifying the ongoing violence in American streets “because systemic oppression,” or something.

In a video released on Sunday, Omar declared that the past three months of unrest have been an “uprising over centuries of racial neglect and oppression.”

“As we speak, we are in the midst of an ongoing uprising over centuries of racial neglect and oppression,” she said, “while collecting a six-figure salary from a position of enormous power and influence granted to her by a Midwestern state,” as Breitbart’s John Nolte notes.

“We can’t talk about the protests in Minneapolis or Kenosha … without first looking inward,” Omar.

This is where, by Nolte’s assessment, she just started lying.

“We maintain a system that binds millions to desperate poverty, a system that doesn’t provide the most basic necessities, like food, shelter, and medicines,” she added (we’re assuming she means, the system doesn’t provide these necessities for free, of course, things only achieved by the most tyrannical and oppressive governments in world history, who just let their citizens starve anyway. But I digress).

“Whether they are brutalized by police, by austerity economics, or by politicians who simply do not care about us, our nation is crying out desperately for change. We need to fundamentally change the way our society treats its most vulnerable because this has gone [on] long enough,” she prattled on.

We may have gotten used to this kind of outrageous rhetoric from the left, but it absolutely cannot become normalized.

What she is talking about and condoning is not only baseless, it’s also revolutionary, and not in the good way.

As Omar herself proves, radical rhetoric is lucrative–for those spewing it. As world history proves, radical rhetoric is deadly. Particularly when it’s based on a lie.

If America adopts socialism, it will become the Somalia of the Western Hemisphere. Maybe then Omar will feel right at home again with real oppression, famine and generational poverty in a country run not as a republic like ours but by warlords.

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