Illegal Arrested And Charged in Florida For Brutal Crime

Hot off the heels of the African immigrants brutally raping and videoing the rape of a 14-year-old child in Utah (and being let off with a slap on the wrist), an illegal immigrant in Florida committed a horrific crime in Florida, slashing an American couple to death.

At first, it wasn’t clear who committed the horrific crime, so when the police found the slashed up corpses, they posted a reward offer on Twitter, saying:

A $50,000 reward is now being offered for anyone who has information leading to an arrest in the murders of Brenda Aultman & Terry Aultman.

An earlier post about the case said:

The Daytona Beach Police Department (DBPD) is actively working a homicide case involving a married couple who were discovered dead over the weekend near the intersection of North Wild Olive Avenue and Riverview Boulevard.

“We will spare no expense and leave no stone unturned in order to solve this case,” stated DBPD Chief Jakari Young. “I assure you that our detectives are doing all they can to bring justice to the loved ones of these victims.”

The police department also posted an image of the illegal immigrant, who looked quite the part. That image can be viewed here.

Eventually, however, the vicious murderer was caught by the police, who duly reported the arrest, saying:

The Daytona Beach Police Department (DBPD) makes an arrest in the murders of a married couple who were found dead four days ago as they were heading home from Bike Week festivities on Main Street.

32-year-old Jean Robert Macean – a resident of Orlando – was captured at 5316 Point Vista Circle in Orlando around 11:00 a.m. today (March 10, 2022) by a task force comprised of members of the United States Marshals Service, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office and the Orlando Police Department.

“This was one of the most brutal murders I’ve ever seen in my 20-plus years as a police officer in Daytona Beach,” stated Daytona Beach Police Chief Jakari Young. “We want to thank the entire Daytona Beach community and the communities around us for providing our detectives with over 100 tips. We appreciate that level of cooperation in such a serious matter.”

The suspect is facing two counts of first-degree murder for the horrific crime, so at least the state is trying to hold him accountable for the vicious killing.

Hidden in the police report of the arrest, however, is a key detail. It says that Macean is “a resident of Orlando,” not a “citizen” of Orlando, Florida, or America.

That’s because he’s not. He’s an illegal immigrant, as is noted on his booking page.

What that means is that one of the many illegals who has slipped into America over the years just murdered a law-abiding American couple, brutally stealing the remainder of their lives from them when he shouldn’t have even been here in the first place.

For those who care to help the family, Breitbart reports that “GoFundMe has been created by Brenda’s daughter to help cover funeral costs.”

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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