In Response to Philly Riots, President Trump Makes It Clear He Backs the Blue 100%

Another day, another major American city is being rocked with riots and looting thanks to terrible ideology and the failures of Democratic leadership.

In Philadelphia, dozens of officers have been injured, including one who was deliberately been run over by Black Lives Matter radicals. The violence broke out in response to the shooting of a 27-year-old man allegedly suffering from mental illness who charged at police officers with a knife on Monday captured in video footage.

The Washington Times reports that on the first night of rioting, “protesters” took aim at officers.

Looting quickly occurred of course. It has become the automatic default of Black Lives Matter apologists before any facts are determined. Why wait for facts they reason? There is merchandise to be stolen.

Police cars and dumpsters were set on fire and officers clearly struggled to keep the crowds at bay. Tuesday night saw the same degree of violence as more looting occurred, and on Wednesday night, police found several explosives and weapons. Thursday evening finally saw a quell to the unrest as police finally regained control of the now devastated streets.

Just days away from an election that has the potential to be the most consequential in our history, President Donald Trump didn’t waste a second earlier this week taking a very clear stand against this twisted criminal groupthink. He made it clear he was not passing judgment on the police use of force before the investigation was completed.

“President Trump will not tolerate any violence directed at America’s law enforcement,” White House Communications Director Alyssa Farah said on Fox News Tuesday. “This President has made clear before whether it was in Seattle or Portland or others were prepared to deploy federal law enforcement as necessary.”

In comments at a campaign stop in Las Vegas, Nevada on Wednesday following a second consecutive night of violence on the streets in Philadelphia, Trump pledged his full support for members of law enforcement and made clear the connection between this type of lawless rioting and the leadership of Democrat-run cities.

“What I am witnessing is terrible and, frankly, the mayor or whoever it is that is allowing people to riot and loot and not stop them is also just a horrible thing,” Trump said, The Epoch Times reported. “I saw the event, everybody did. It was on television. It was a terrible event.”

“You’ve got to have law and order. You’ve got to have respect for our police,” he also said.

Of the rioters, he stated that “this is the group that [Biden] supports.”

And they support Biden.

“He doesn’t want to condemn them,” the president said of his opponent. “You have to condemn [them], you have to be strong, you cannot have chaos like that and he will be very, very weak.”

There is no question that Trump is the candidate who supports law enforcement. Trump does so unambiguously. He has always had the back of men and women in uniform, and as anti-police rhetoric spreads to the center of the mainstream Democrat Party, it is more important than ever to have a commander-in-chief who respects officers of the law.

Biden was forced to issue a statement well after President Trump condemned the action of rioters. Biden said the police shooting didn’t justify rioting. No kidding. He didn’t condemn it, however. He also stated that, “Our hearts are broken…for all those suffering the emotional weight of learning about another black life in America lost.”

What about the loss of black life in America like one-year old Davelle Gardner Jr who was shot in the stomach in a drive by shooting in New York City while sitting in his baby stroller by a black suspect or Anisa Scott an eight-year old shot in the head by a black assailant while riding in a car with her mother in Madison Wisconsin and other instances of black on black street violence? I guess there is no emotional fallout from that.

Law and order is the bedrock of civil society. If you want a nation of law and order, you cannot be led by someone who thinks that justice is brought about by cutting off the justice system at its knees.

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