Independent Journalist Reportedly Assaulted By Antifa “Protesters”

Earlier this week, we wrote about an outrageous thought piece penned by a Harvard adjunct professor who implied that the reason far-left violence continued in America’s streets was due to the conservative journalists who were documenting these same events.

If this logic seems demented to you, it’s probably because it is.

One of the very few journalists who has been brave enough to hit the ground and record the riotous and violent “peaceful protests” was independent journalist Tayler Hansen.

On Tuesday evening, Hansen was reportedly brutally assaulted by Antifa thugs in Portland, Oregon, where the distinctly political rioting has been ongoing for over 100 days.

According to Hansen, he was recognized by another member of the press, who he says alerted some of the “protesters.”

“Last night in Portland I was beaten bloody by four people in Black Bloc,” he explained.

“It started with a press member recognizing me, he proceeded to get on his phone to show a group of Black Bloc what I believe to be my Instagram,” he wrote. “I fled and changed my disguise, and returned once they had arrived at a different location.”

He believes a post was put out which alerted others to his presence.

“As I was standing on the corner two suspicious men were looking at me and talking amongst themselves, they walked by and directly addressed me by my name,” he continues.

He shared a video of what happened next:

He says he was then followed and brutally assaulted.

“As they fled one yelled ‘Stay out of Portland b*tch!,’” he continued.

“I am thankful they stopped the beating when they did and didn’t use weapons to inflict harm or death upon me,” he added, sharing photos of the damage his face suffered, which is significant.

“Does this look peaceful?” he asked?

Here’s what Hansen was reporting earlier in the evening:

What sort of legitimate peaceful political movement would be afraid to have their public activities recorded, so much so that they’d brutally beat a man who was recording them?

And when was the last time conservative activists assaulted a journalist? Has there ever been such an incident?

Let’s stop kidding ourselves about who these people are. Wait, we aren’t kidding ourselves. The American left is kidding us.

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