Intruder Breaks Into Vietnam Vet’s House In The Middle Of The Night — Immediately Regrets It

Written with contribution from Sheriff David Clarke

An armed society is a polite society.

A society in which godless statists want to disarm you is a society in which millions of Americans are left vulnerable to predation by the worst aspects of society.

All one needs to do is observe any major Democrat-run city in the United States to support this point.

While the nation comes to a collective pause whenever there is a horrific–but statistically rare–mass shooting, thousands of Americans are victimized by both firearms and other types of violence every year and get very little attention from the media.

Meanwhile, also rarely in receipt of much attention is how frequently individuals who do exercise their Second Amendment rights manage to do so successfully.

A Missouri homeowner ended up fatally shooting a man who is suspected of burglary in his home near Willard smack in the middle of the night last week according to Green County investigators who spoke of the incident to local news media.

Deputies were called out to the home, which is located in the Meadows Subdivision on a burglary in progress at four in the morning. The deputies found the suspect dead inside the home, noting that the front window had been shattered.

“The suspect attacked the homeowner, and the homeowner was able to defend himself, and as a result the suspect is deceased,” Deputy Jason Winston with the Greene County Sheriff’s Office said to reporters.

Neighbor Jay Davis told KYTV, “I’m a little shocked this is all going down next door.”

Investigators have not identified the two other individuals who were in the house at the time the break-in occurred, saying that those other individuals were not harmed in the incident. The homeowner himself, however, was taken to a local hospital to be treated for injuries that were not considered to be life-threatening.

“He probably saved them,” Davis said. “He’s already a hero because he’s a Vietnam veteran. Now he’s even a bigger hero because he saved his family.”

Local investigators have released the identity of the attacker as Ryan Altman, 37, of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The sheriff is currently looking into the matter to see what motivation might have been behind Altman’s choice of entering the homeowner’s house.

“We have no idea as to why this suspect chose the home or why he made unauthorized entry into the home,” Winston said. “Hopefully we get to the bottom of it as our investigators continue to figure out what happened here this morning.”

Get to the bottom of it? It’s pretty straight forward. This so far. Unlawful entry into an occupied home. Homeowner fears for his life after being attacked and defends himself.

Winston said they aren’t sure what kind of connection the suspect might have had with the homeowner.

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