It’s Time for Drastic Action From Police Officers to End Lawlessness and BLM/Antifa Insanity

This summer has made it abundantly clear that there are fewer political arguments being made in our nation right now that make less sense than the leftist dogma on policing.

While the majority of mainstream Democrat politicians and left-wing pundits will weakly denounce rioting, looting, and violence, they nonetheless justify such action in the name of “social justice.”

Meanwhile, their solution to perceived systemic injustice within policing is to advocate for police to be weakened; not even reformed.

The logic is that, if police departments received less funding, were restricted in how they were allowed to respond to violent criminals, and heck—were just plain abolished, then the world would be all sunshine and rainbows. Right?

It’s ironic that these people claim to care so much about justice when they literally advocate for the justice system to cease enforcing the laws that maintain a just and civil society. Clearly, they’ve never spent any time in the kinds of countries around the world that have either truly corrupt police forces…or none at all.

Meanwhile, the reality of a world without a significant police presence is playing out before us as we speak. Radical left-wing activists have been raging through our nation’s major cities, victimizing innocent civilians, destroying private businesses, and waging war on the officers of the peace who feebly try to keep them at bay.

So what are police officers, the millions of selfless, hard-working men and women who put their lives on the line daily for their fellow citizens only to be stripped of their resources and prevented from using the kind of force it would take to quell such a terrorist uprising, to do?

It will take something drastic…but it needs to be done.

They need to take a stand.

“Stripping police of their riot gear doesn’t make the riots go away — just as cracking down on Second Amendment rights doesn’t make gun-related crime go away,” writes Cheryl Chumley of the Washington Examiner.

“Police need their protection from the thugs. And if political leaders won’t allow them this protection, perhaps they should do an ‘Atlas Shrugged’ and leave. Strike. Refuse to protect the public,” she asserts.

She explains that, as the business magistrates in Ayn Rand’s novel did when politicians stripped them of their profits and attempted to steal their creativity, police officers need to do the same—to refuse to stop working for the senseless bureaucrats who prioritize woke politics over law and order.

“If they simply picked up and went home, to protect their families and selves from the thuggery and violence and mayhem — well, yes, innocent citizens would suffer,” she explains. “But not for long. It wouldn’t take long for the ensuing chaos to fuel a radical call for law and order.”

Innocent citizens are already suffering, and of course, it is the failure for police officers to protect 100% of the people 100% of the time that leaves the moral imperative on a populace to arm themselves, so this would also serve to underscore the importance of such self-reliance.

“Police could simply quit. And then wait a minute, wait a minute. It won’t be long before they’ll be begged to come back,” Chumley concludes.

Yes, it is time for rank and file police officers to take a stand. I suggest this be led by their union leaders who should come up with a list of demands just like Antifa and Black Lives Matter have done to force the political class to comply with or Blue Flu sick-outs are in order as a starting point.

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