Jenna Ellis Smacks Biden And Pelosi, Says They Need To Remember The True Definition Of Federalism

According to constitutional lawyer Jenna Ellis, the Department of Justice is going to try and do something about the heartbeat bill that was passed in the state of Texas, likely employing the use of the typical Democrat talking point that abortion is healthcare.

However, Ellis noted that both President Joe Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi need to remember the true definition of federalism and all that it entails.

“The actual definition of abortion is that it’s an elective procedure that’s a medical intervention specifically designed to cause the death of an unborn child, so that’s what we’re really talking about,” Ellis went on to state during a chat she had on Newsmax‘s “Cortes & Pellegrino.”

“Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi need to remember that while they use these terms, saying unconstitutional, they need to remember federalism, and they need to remember that their specific enumerated powers do not give the federal government any power to tell the state of Texas, or any other state, what they can do to protect life in your state,” the constitutional lawyer added.

“This is of course going to be challenged. It’s been a hot-button issue from the left, and of course the right, that wants to protect life. My hope is that with the 5-4 majority on the Supreme Court now, they are going to apply the Constitution faithfully and with dignity and actually protect life,” she said.

via Newsmax:

Most Republicans oppose abortion, one of the most divisive issues in the United States, and many have urged the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade, the landmark decision making it a woman’s constitutional right.

White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki told reporters Biden will consult with lawmakers on legislation to protect women’s right to abortions, adding a range of approaches were under review, including the Women’s Health Protection Act to be voted upon by the House.

It seems likely the Republicans will use the filibuster against the bill in a chamber that’s a fairly even split along party lines. Something that’s no doubt going to tick off other Democrats is the fact one of their own, Sen. Joe Manchin, could possibly vote against it.

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