Jim Jordan Rips Into Anthony Fauci For Refusing House Panel Hearing, Says He’s ‘Afraid Of Something’

Rep. Jim Jordan, a member of the GOP from Ohio, recently sat down for a conversation with Newsmax where he stated that Dr. Anthony Fauci used to be all about getting his face on television and podcasts so he could chat about the coronavirus pandemic, but is now conspicuously declining to come before a House panel hearing, demonstrating he’s “afraid of something.”

“For a year and a half, you couldn’t go a day without seeing Dr. Fauci on the news, on the front page of the paper,” Jordan said during his appearance on Tuesday’s “Stinchfield.

Jordan then pointed to Fauci’s official government emails that were releases thanks to the Freedom of Information Act request that was made, which included one from January 31, 2020 at 10:32 p.m., where a doctor told Fauci “this virus looks engineered; it is not consistent with evolutionary theory.”

“And what did he do? He tried to cover his tracks and hide that information from the American people for over a year,” Jordan then said. “Now again, maybe I’m wrong about that, but I don’t think so.”

via Newsmax:

Jordan noted Fauci could have cleared up some questions at Tuesday’s House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis hearing.

“But if I’m wrong, why wouldn’t doctor Fauci come in and answer our questions, because he’s afraid of something,” Jordan went on to say. “This should tick off every American, because this is the guy who was responsible for all the lockdowns, all the businesses that had to be close, some of them never to reopen.”

“It was all Dr. Fauci, who was the catalyst for all this. He was the spokesperson for all this, this mindset. And yet he doesn’t have the decency to come in today and talk to us after what looks like a cover up to me,” he added.

Jordan rebuked the cover up as politically motivated during the final year of President Donald Trump’s administration, and fueled by the “mainstream media.”

“They lecture us about the science when it was all for them political – and for the mainstream media, all political,” the congressman said.

“I mean, this is frightening because he’s supposed to be honest with the American people, particularly when he’s giving press conferences from the White House,” Jordan continued.

He’s right on the money. There’s definitely something a little fishy going on with Fauci right now. Or, maybe, he’s just really embarrassed about these emails and doesn’t feel up to answering questions at the moment.

Regardless, he has a lot of explaining to do and needs to provide answers immediately.

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