Jim Jordan Rips Into Biden, Says The Start Of His Presidency Is ‘Worst In A Lifetime’

Rep. Jim Jordan, an Ohio Republican, took an opportunity during a recent conversation he had on the “Greg Kelly Reports” program to rip into President Joe Biden and the initial start of his administration, noting that it is the worst in a lifetime.

“This has been the worst five month start of an administration, probably in our lifetime, not probably, definitely in our lifetimes,” the congressman said, pulling no punches.

“We’re going to take back the house in 18 months. I really believe that’s going to happen, and I think President Trump is going to run for reelection in 2024. I think he’s going to be the next President of the United States,” Jordan added.

Jordan went on to say that Democrats do not currently possess the accomplishments necessary to clench victory in the 2022 midterm election, noting that many of the liberal talking points are going to end up ultimately turning off voters.

“The crisis on the border. The fact that inflation is driving up the price of everything, energy, prices, that price of steel, lumber, aluminum, any supply, everything you buy at the grocery store is going to go up and they are going to talk about the tax increases that are coming- but what have they got to talk about?” Jordan asked.

“The only thing they can talk about is Jan. 6 and try to hang onto this lockdown measures that were put in place with COVID and that seems to be what they want to focus on- because they got nothing else,” he stated during his interview.

“We went from a secure border to chaos. We went from energy independence to gas lines. We went from peace in the Middle East to rockets, thousands of rockets being fired on our friend and ally Israel,” Jordan stated, adding, “So, look it’s like I said, we gotta… try to stop the bad policies from happening as best we can.”

“We’re going to take it back (the House), and we’ve got to hold them off for now…” and “win back the White House and put things back in order,” he finished.

Source: Newsmax

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