Kamala Harris Proposes Red Flag Law to Target White Nationalists—But Who Will It Really Apply To?

Written with contribution from Sheriff David Clarke

The term “white nationalist” is a bit confusing.

There are racist white supremacist nationalists and there are nationalists who happen to be white.

Like “white supremacist,” the term “white nationalist” has been thrown around a lot to smear conservatives over the last four years and beyond.

This is not to say that there are not legitimate racial supremacist nationalists out there—they’re just as real as black supremacists or black armed insurgent groups, as it happens. They are a fringe group.

But just as every bleeding-heart leftist out there who put a black square on their social media profile back in June was not a militant Marxist, not every white person with nationalistic tendencies is a militant white supremacist with openly racist beliefs.

Nonetheless, the left has long been equating the two breathlessly to the point that hardly anyone notices anymore. This is what they are good at. Smearing an entire population on the right.

This prattling CNN interview with the author of a book on white nationalism in which both she and the journalist clearly equate the ideology with the Trump movement as a whole, even depicting it as the primary ideological opposite of their own far-left Women’s movement and progressive female lawmakers, will tell you everything you need to know about this deceptive bait-and-switch tactic.

So consider all this when you hear about a legislative proposal from incoming Vice President Kamala Harris which seeks to apply red flag laws to “white nationalists.”

USA Today reports:

Kamala Harris on Wednesday said if elected president she will press Congress to pass a red flag law that would allow law enforcement officials to temporarily seize the firearms of white nationalists that may be on the verge of carrying out a hate crime.

The Democratic presidential candidate’s proposal calls for the creation of “domestic terrorism prevention orders” that would give law enforcement and family members of suspected white nationalists or domestic terrorists the ability to petition a federal court to temporarily restrict a person’s access to guns if the person exhibits clear evidence of being a danger.

“We need to take action to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people and stop violent, hate-fueled attacks before they happen,” Harris said. “By focusing on confronting these domestic terror threats, we can save lives.”

Make no mistake, this is a post-January 6th Kamala Harris talking.

This woman is riding on the back of the narrative that the Capitol Hill siege was perpetrated by Trump supporters who are not only representative of the movement of a whole, but acted under direct orders of President Donald Trump himself.

They are trying to criminalize you and the millions of other Trump voters who doubt the outcome of the election because of the actions of a few who were likely agitated by left-wing operatives based on a series of carefully constructed lies about you and your character.

This is how communist governments behave. They use deceptive propaganda to justify tyranny.


Ours is a nation of laws. The Constitution directs that no right can be taken without due process, not supposition about a person’s political ideology or capability. Anybody is capable of anything generally. That is different from the question from probability. This is outrageous. The kind of stuff despots use to control populations. It is a straight-up end around the 2nd and 14th Amendment. It’s intent is gun confiscation.

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