Kyle Rittenhouse Has Been Charged With Breaking Curfew In Addition to Homicide

Written with contribution from Sheriff David Clarke

Whether one believes that Kyle Rittenhouse, a minor, behaved in an entirely unlawful way on the fateful night this past summer when he shot three far-left protesters while defending local businesses in Kenosha, Wisconsin is for debate.

However, to say that the young man, who video evidence clearly indicates fired shots only in self-defense and promptly presented himself to authorities after the fact, will receive a fair trial by an impartial jury in Kenosha County that won’t be influenced against an acquittal because of the threat of riots is debatable as well.

In fact, let’s not kid ourselves–Rittenhouse, who is under the legal age to possess a firearm and yet the same age as many of the brave men who stormed the beaches of Normandy is being made a public example.

Late December, the teen, who faces charges of homicide for the defensive shooting, was also additionally charged with breaking curfew for the evening he helped protect local businesses amid the chaotic Jacob Blake riots.

According to “The Post Millennial”, video footage from that night showed Rittenhouse, who they say was hired by a local business owner to defend the establishment, putting out fires and offering medical aid to protestors.

At one point during the riot, Rittenhouse was pursued aggressively by a protester. After hearing a gunshot, Rittenhouse was knocked to the ground and was being beaten and kicked before he recovered to his feet and opened fire. This action elicited a response from several other protestors. In the process of evading his assailants, Rittenhouse tripped and shot two more individuals. The person who fired the original shot that cause Rittenhouse to fear for his life was arrested and charged for firing shots.

Two of the three individuals shot by Rittenhouse died.

Rittenhouse was charged with homicide, endangerment, and underaged firearm possession. Prosecutors added the charge of breaking curfew on Monday.

Police say they also arrested 150 people for violating curfew on the night of the riots, according to The Post Millennial.

If this kid was not being strung up like a scalp by the progressive left and there was an honest justice system, all he’d be charged with is breaking curfew and underage firearm possession.

Instead, he’s looking at hard time for defending his own life–which, by the way, was entirely lawful regardless of his age.

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