Law Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz Says Ben & Jerry’s, Owners, Hypocrites Over Decision To Boycott Israel

Harvard Law Professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz unleashed on Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, along with its owner Unilever, due to hypocrisy over the company’s decision to boycott Israeli settlements located in the West Bank.

“We’re going to be bringing lawsuits against Unilever and Ben & Jerrys, and we’re going to get discovery and we’re going to prove to the world that these are the most hypocritical companies on Earth,” Dershowitz stated during an interview on Newsmax‘s “Saturday Report.”

“Ben & Jerry’s, we’re declaring war on you, and you will lose this war,” he continued. “You have a lot to hide. We will just bring it out [through] disclosure and discovery.”

via Newsmax:

He did not say who is involved in the potential lawsuits but added the companies “ought to look in the mirror and see what they’re doing in terms of human rights instead of trying to pick on the only democracy in the Middle East.”

Ben & Jerry’s last week announced it would no longer sell ice cream in east Jerusalem and the West Bank, two areas regarded by many in the international community as being illegally settled by Israel.

Three-quarters of Israel’s parliament this week called on the company to change its decision, saying in a letter to the Vermont-based ice cream giant the actions are “shameful, immoral and regrettable,” and the move will hurt hundreds of Jewish and Arab workers while violating an Israeli law that bans boycotts of the settlement areas.

‘We’ve done some research now and discover that Unilever is one of the worst human rights facilitators in the world,” Dershowitz stated during the conversation on Saturday. “It goes to great lengths to avoid the Iranian boycott and has subordinate companies selling to Iran. It sells to Cuba.”

Dershowitz continued his brutal onslaught by accusing the ice cream manufacturer of using “sugar and cocoa gotten from child labor and other violations of core basic human rights” in its products.

We all know the left seems to really have some deep hatred and animosity toward the folks in Israel, so it’s no surprise at all to see Ben & Jerry’s, who supported Sen. Bernie Sanders for president, take up this liberal cause.


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